Scope and Sequence for AP History    Teacher: Al Cap

APUSH will be a yearlong investigation into the people and events of the United States calumniating with the AP Exam in May.


Course Themes

sophistication of the cultures of the Maya, Aztec, Toltec, and Algonquian

similarities and differences in development between the New England and
Chesapeake colonies

American decision to declare independence from the convening of the Second Continental Congress to the Declaration of Independence.

accomplishments of the Federalists while they were in power.


role played in economic and political matters by the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Marshall

slavery in the south

"Cult of True Womanhood."

Civil War



Fourteenth Amendment

major factors that contributed to the rapid industrialization of 1870-1900

reassertion of presidential power from 1876 to 1888

contributions made and benefits derived by women, African Americans, Mexican
Americans, and immigrants to the nation's economic expansion during the Progressive Era.

impact of the rise of the city 

World War I

New Deal and FDR

military strategy that stopped the advance of the Germans and Japanese

Truman's Fair Deal

Kennedy's and the Cold War

women’s movements

Civil Rights

Era of the President

Soviet Union, the arms race

Critical Thinking

Freedom and Responsibility

Why do we have rules and laws? 2. Describe how changes in technology, transportation and communication affect the location and patterns of economic activities and use of productive resources.

Analyze Times of Challenge and Promise

2. Explain how Jim Crow laws legalized discrimination based on race.
3. Analyze the struggle for racial and gender equality and its impact on the changing status of minorities since the late 19th century.

What is power? Who has it? Who decides?

Trace the development of the United States as a world power with emphasis on
a. the Spanish-American War
b. United States imperialism in the Far East, South Pacific, Caribbean and Central America
1. Describe the ways in which government policy has been shaped and set by the influence of political parties, interest groups, lobbyists, the media and public opinion with emphasis on
a. extension of suffrage , b. labor legislation , c. civil rights legislation , d. military policy , e. environmental legislation
f. business regulation , g. educational policy
Related Themes Settlements of the British, French, Dutch, and Spanish

farmers of the Great Plains

geographic and climatic conditions of the four major regions of settlement

effects of mass production and mass entertainment

Supreme Court decisions and their impact on reform of the early 1960s

Special Projects

Essay Writing

DBQ Essay Questions

Themes in Essay Writing

 Practice Tests

Videos Jefferson's Vision of America - Looking Backward, Looking Forward A War to End All Wars Times Are A-Changin'