To:   Juniors and Seniors

Re:   AP United States History  (APUSH)

From:  Mr. Cap


   I'm pleased to announce that a High School course, Advanced Placement United States History, will be offered to Juniors and Seniors who qualify for the class.  Mr. Cap will teach the class that starts in the fall and develops writing and test taking skills students need to take the AP US History Exam in May.

   How do I know if my child qualifies?   Since the APUSH class is the equivalent of a college class only students who want to read history, and have a desire to develop essay writing skills need enroll.  Mr. Cap's AP History web pages give parents and students an idea of the course work load.  Please preview these web pages before you come in for registration.

Go to: APUSHistory/index.htm for more complete information. 

Students should take the online Sample "first day of school test".  This test will help the student guage how ready they are to take the class.

Thank You,

Al Cap