Summer APUSH Readings and Prep Work:


First you have to take the " sample first day of school test " then figure your score.


How did you do on the sample test?  50% or below on the sample first day of school test..... then prep for APUSH by completing #s 1-3 during the summer.

1.  Read a US history textbook this summer.  Focus on the Discovery and Exploration period to the Present.  Read at least 40 pages per day, look at the chapter review questions and check your comprehension.  You can check out a textbook from the schoology website or see Mr. Cap.

2.  While you read look up the answers to some of the questions on the sample first day of school test.  Read the paragraph before and after and try to gain a deeper understanding of the issue or event.
3.  Come to the first day of school in the fall ready to read, discuss and work hard.  This is not a class for those who don't read for understanding or for thost who don't want to "do history" in class.