AP U.S. History                                                                     STUDENT NAME:____________________________





 Superior Essay “5”: AP Score of 8-9

____    Superior thesis           

____    Extremely well-organized essay

____    Addresses all areas of the prompt evenly

____    Excellent use of analysis to support

                thesis and main ideas.

____   Substantial use of evidence throughout

____   Extremely well-written essay

____ Generally error free (need not be perfect)

Strong Essay “4”: AP Score of 6-7

____  Strong thesis (contains general analysis)

____  Well-organized essay

____  Addresses all areas of the prompt; may

               lack some balance between major areas

____  Some important information left out:               


____  Strong analysis in most areas; needs more

____  Strong use of evidence; may lack balance

____  Well-written essay

____  May contain minor errors

Adequate Essay “3”: AP Score of 5

____  Clear thesis (needs more analysis)

____  Thesis a bit vague or muddy

____  Fairly well-organized essay

____  Addresses all areas of the prompt but   

                essay may lack balance.

____  Contains some analysis; more needed

____  Some major events omitted: ___________

____ Contains some evidence; more needed

____ Essay deviates at times from thesis

____ May contain significant historical errors

____ Some facts are irrelevant to time period

“2” Essay: AP Score of 2-4

____ Undeveloped thesis (simple thesis)

____ Does not establish purpose of the essay.

____ Thesis does not fully address question

____  Weak organization

____  Does not address one or more aspects of

             the question: __________________

____ Most major events omitted

____ Lacks analysis of key issues

____ Lacks evidence to support main ideas.

____ Contains major historical errors

____ Much information irrelevant to question.

____ Essay is somewhat incomplete (too short)



“1” Essay: AP Score of 1

____ No thesis or poor thesis

____ Incorrect or incomplete essay

____ Facts not specific, accurate & relevant.

____ Poor analysis of key issues

“0” Essay: Did not do the question

___ Writes on topic completely different from

           the prompt

___ Little to no effort shown in preparation for


General Comments:

Thesis/intro:  complex-split __; complex-simple ___;  split-simple ___; simple ___; too much info __

____    Introduction contains vague or “wasted” sentences

____    Essay contains vague statements or  generalizations not supported by facts.

____­    Strong conclusion         ____  Weak conclusion                         ____   No Conclusion

____    Strong topic sentences ____  Improve topic sentences    ____  Good linking sentences

____    Don’t use “I” statements        ____ Don’t use “I,”  “our,” “we,” “us,” “you,” etc.

____    Don’t connect issues to “today” (unless asked)____  Don’t use “flowery” or colloquial style

____    Poor spelling and grammar                    ____ Poor penmanship: essay difficult to read