AP U.S. History                                 Mr. Cap




1. Analyze the question:  Make sure you understand every aspect of the question and plan your essay so it directly answers the question.


2. Collect and sort information/ make an outline: This might take a few moments but will be worth it in the long-run. Be reasonable, however. Try to do this step in about 5 minutes.


3. Develop your thesis: This is the most important aspect of your essay. Everything in the body depends on this!


4. Write the introduction: This needs to be the most spectacular part of your essay.  Introduce the topic, provide an insightful comment regarding analysis of the question, and write a clear developed thesis.


5. Write the body of the essay: Strong topic sentences should be supported with relevant data. Paragraphs should be connected with linking sentences, words, ideas, etc.


6. Write the conclusion: Restate your thesis and summarize the main points of your essay.  Don't introduce new material.


7. Read over the essay: This assumes you have time remaining after you have finished writing. Check for spelling, punctuation, missing words, and other areas that can be corrected quickly.