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United States History

So you're thinking about taking AP United States History (APUSH).
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Updated July 9, 2018

APUSH 1st Quarter

APUSH 2nd Quarter

APUSH 3rd Quarter

APUSH 4th Quarter

Syllabus / Scope and Sequence


Other tips that can help the APUSH student.

AP Letter to Juniors and Seniors

Free Response
Questions Tips

DBQ Writing Tips

Other Teacher Created Websites    Irish

APUSH Textbook: America Past and Present. Divine

AP Scoring Worksheet

DBQ Essay Grading Sheet Rubric

Free Response Essay Rubric Grading Sheet

AP Quizzes


1.  Avanced Placement Intro and Orientation

2.  About APUSH and Exam Format       (AP Home)

3.  APUSH Questions and Answers

4.  Summer Reading and Test First Day of School

5.  Sample first day of school Test

6.  Should Juniors or Seniors take the class?

7.  Can I sign up and see what the first 2 weeks are like and then drop the class if I think it's too hard?

8.  What's the cost $? 

9.  APUSH Course Disclosure (Syllabus)

10.  Writing the Short Answer Question Video 1 2

11. Writing the DBQs Video 1  2  3  4

12.  Writing the Long Essay FRQ Video 1 2 3

13.  Multiple choice questions Video 1  2

Study Guides

The links below are provided from other AP history teachers around the nation.  We will use some of these to help us prepare for the APUSH test in May.

Intro & Thesis Writing



If you're up to it you will learn how to identify the “Who”, “What”, “Where”, “When”, “Why”, as well as the significance each event played in United States History.


America Past and Present. Divine

Instructor's Resources

Student Resources

Textbook Chapter Notes:

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