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VCS Broadcasting

Broadcasting 101

Broadcast VCS football

VCS High School Football streaming live over the internet.

Updated: October 9, 2012

            10 VCS High School football games
                     (4 or 5 home games)

Booth team: Play-by-play:  Al Cap

                      Colorman:   Mike McNamar

                      Alumni / 24 / 7
                                   color: John Daugherty

Production team:  VCS Parent and
                                student volunteers.

Broadcast VCS High School Football games live over the internet would make it possible to listen to VCS football anywhere they can connect to the web. Not just a football broadcast.  A VCSchool vision, goals, and dreams broadcast, involving  24 / 7 and VCS personnel.  Together, we could work to make it happen, and help take VCS football to the “next level”.  
1st Year: Broadcast VCS High School Football streaming live over the internet in the same way VCC podcasts regular church services. 
2nd or 3rd Year: Once broadcast "experience" has been gained, contract with a local radio station to carry the football broadcast.



 1.  Equipment: 
3 headsets $150.00 each =   
(1) 3 G internet plug-in for 3 months, (Donation? ) or dial-up or ethernet @ stadium
1 digital video camera,         (VCS athletic dept.)
Conex audio mixer      
$ 500.00
.EZ live stream access: 22.00 per game X 5 =
$ 110.00
1st year only on 90% of these equipment costs.                                          Total:

2.  Compensation:  The booth team
      (2 people) compenstated (2) X $100 a game X 5 games = $1000.              Total:
      Commerical stipend if I make and edit ads.

        Total expenses for broadcasting the 5 away games:
$ 2050.00

Revenue see  Game time line

If all 7 sponsorships sell for 5 away games = $1,900.00
Time out sponsors 45 sec commercial  $20 each 8 per game X 5 gms -    $800.00
Season Total: $2,700.00
Expenses =  $550.00 per game  X  5 games = $2,050.00  

Format:   How do we live stream?


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Video Streamed by the BroadCam Streaming Video Server by NCH Software.