Cap's Custom Carpentry Home
Cap Van
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Typical Kitchen

White Toilet Cabinet
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Boren Safety
 Display Cases
borendisplaycasesfrontview.jpg (63119 bytes)
Office Counter Tops
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Edge Information Booth
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Edge Information Booth Side View
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Back view of Display
 Cases and counter.
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Display Cases with pass
through Door
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Boren Countertop Backroom Installation
borencountertopbackroominstallation.jpg (71305 bytes)
Curved Drawers of Information Booth
curveddrawersofinfobooth.jpg (61828 bytes)
Boren Safety Display  Cases borendisplaycasesfrontviewpainted.jpg (70954 bytes)
Boren Countertop Backroom
borencountertopbackroom.jpg (71881 bytes)
Laundry Cabinet
Dining Room Cabinets

Trinity Broadcasting Set
Gun Cabinets under Construction
Gun Cabinets installed
Attic Bookcases
Trinity Broadcasting Set Steps
Keller Williams Computer Station
Attic Bookcases Attic Bookcases
Formica Countertop. Note the beveled edges
Keller Williams Wall
Shop Cabinets
Shop Cabinets
Dr.'s Office
File Drawers
Dr's Office Base Unit
Toilet Cabinet Opened

Toilet Cabinet

Homemade French Doors
Computer Stations
Break Room Cabinets

Break Room Cabinets

Upper Cabinets
Upper Cabinets
Break Room Cabinets
Break Room Cabinets

Office Cabinets Unfinished

Office Cabinets Finished

French Doors Installed