Deadlines: All projects due Tues Feb 23

Week 1  Storyboard and pictures in folder Tues Jan 12

Week 2   Roving reporter interview questions and video  Tues Jan 19

Week 3  Video of senior bball player labeled and in folder  Tues Jan 26

Week 4  Timeline started in Premier Pro   Tues Feb 2

Week 5  Rough draft of video rendered and on flash drive.  Teacher and student watch draft and suggest changes   Tues Feb 9

Week 6  Changes made to rough draft   Tues Feb 16

Week 7  Project completed rendered on flash drive Tues Feb 23


Some 2015/16 bball video

Some 2016/17 bball video Cox @ VCS, @ Metro,



Mr. Cap's tutorials:

1st Qt Premier Pro Bball Tutorial 18min mp4  
Learn how to : log in to media class folder 2:25; re-size a video 4:30, cut, copy, and splice a video 6:20; 
slow motion 8:30; and cross zoom effect 10:18; add a title 12:26; saving format 16:05.

2nd Qt Premier Pro Love Project 28min tutorial mp4 
Learn how to:  Create title phrases; flash title phrases and words using various transitions

Adobe Audition Tutorial 3min.mp4

3rd Qt Basketball Player Human Interest Story tutorial mp4  Learn how to: Story board a project, develop the human interest story, interview techniques, tell the story with words and video in sync.

Mr. Cap's Tutorial Working with Key frames premiere pro tutorial key frames and audition 19min  mp4

Mr. Cap tutorial on Voice Over

Premiere Pro Audio Compression Tutorial mp4 3min

Premiere Improving Audio 9min