Com Arts Lesson #2 1st Qt

Week #2

1.  Lesson #2 An introduction to DM class and Adobe Premier Pro using a VCS Football practice video Project due Friday Aug 26th

2. Watch tutorial video

3.  Here's the football practice video



Premiere Pro Audio Compression Tutorial video 3min

Premier Pro Improving Audio 9min

1.  Import the practice video

2.  Harvest the pump up video

3.  Pretend you're making a sports clip for announcements in chapel

4.  Cut the paso a town verbal at the beginning of the pump up audio

5.  Cut the practice video at the end of #5 warmup pattern scene

6.  Cut the jet sweep play (1:14 of the practice video)

7.  Remove unwanted video and drag to end of warmup

8.  Splice the pump up audio on a down beat and copy/paste throughout warmup scene

9.  Find a different pump up music (on the original pump up) and drag it to the beginning of the jet sweep scene

10.  Cut  copy and paste instant replay portion of the jet sweep

11.  Trim the instant replay to where the back starts his motion.

12.  Set duration of instant replay to 40% and trim to when the back gets to the 40yd line.

13.  Trim video and audio to 47:28

14.  Create a new title called VCS Football using the bold orange font.

15.  Create a second title called Football Scrimmage Friday @ Victory in bold yellow font.

16.  Make a smooth transition between pumpup audio splices.

17.   Add cube spin video transition between warmup and jet sweep scenes

18.  When done editing... control m takes you to the rendering page and set up the format H.264, preset iphone 4 720 29.97, and output your dm folder parameters .  Save as dmlastnamelesson1project

Due Friday






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