Basketball Videography Project Lesson 8

1.  We're going to tell the story of one member of the VCS basketball/cheer team. Girls will select senior girls on the girls team, boys will select senior boys on the boys bball team.

2016 boys: JM Terry, Keats, KD    girls: Taylor, Beauty, Nichole, Railey, cheer: Alex, Kristin, Stephanie

Overall goal is to create a positive biographical 3-4 min video that tells the viewer who that person is, their bball game, parents, siblings, special interests, hobbies.
How? Go around the school and video tape your ball player doing different things. Go to a home bball game and video that person in the game, interview parents, siblings, coach about that person
Story Board:  You must create an 8 slide storyboard
What?  The Roving Reporter: tells a positive special interest story of a bball player.


1. Practice, 2. Individual Bios, 3. Teachers, 4. Crowd, 5. siblings, 6. Chapel, lunchroom 7. Game. Each student in the class will record video and create their own video that tells the bball videography.

Equipment: Use your cell phones, phone to computer plug-in cords, ear buds.

Back in the classroom load your bball videos to your digital media rm folders, create a Basketball Videography folder on the desktop.  Label video and pics by descriptive name

Use Adobe Premier Pro to cut and edit the video to tell the story.

Deadlines: All projects due Tues Feb 23

Week 1  Storyboard and pictures in folder Tues Jan 12

Week 2   Roving reporter interview questions and video  Tues Jan 19

Week 3  Video of senior bball player labeled and in folder  Tues Jan 26

Week 4  Timeline started in Premier Pro   Tues Feb 2

Week 5  Rough draft of video rendered and on flash drive.  Teacher and student watch draft and suggest changes   Tues Feb 9

Week 6  Changes made to rough draft   Tues Feb 16

Week 7  Project completed rendered on flash drive Tues Feb 23

Some 2015/16 bball video  

Mr. Cap's tutorials:

1st Qt Premier Pro Bball Tutorial 18min video 
Learn how to : log in to media class folder 2:25; resize a video 4:30, cut, copy, and splice a video 6:20;
slow motion 8:30; and cross zoom effect 10:18; add a title 12:26; saving format 16:05.

2nd Qt Premier Pro Love Project 28min tutorial video
Learn how to:  Create title phrases; flash title phrases and words using various transitions

3rd Qt Basketball Player Human Interest Story tutorial video  Learn how to: Story board a project, develop the human interest story, interview technics, tell the story with words and video in synch.

Mr. Cap's Working with Keyframes premiere pro tutorial keyframes and audition 19min  mp4

Premiere Pro Audio Compression Tutorial video  3min

Premier Pro Improving Audio 9min

Try to avoid or make sure you do these things:

1.  When recording someone's voice have them speak slowly and distinctly.

2.  Be mindful of the weekly deadlines:  Don't wait till the last week... you won't have enough time.

3.  Avoid fast moving video that's hard for the viewer to follow.

4.  Edit the fluff out of the video... no blank walls or meaningless ground shots, try to video the human emotions that we see in daily life.

5.  Don't have the title words cover up the main feature in each 5 sec video. (don't cover someone's face)

6.  Make sure the video is positive and not cheesey

7.  Try to make your video compelling to watch.  Try to get the viewer to say "wow that was really cool, that video touched my heart "

Go to Grading sheet

Basketball Videography Video Collection Sheet           

I'm going to closely grade this project so do the best you can, and try to produce something you can be proud of.  Put your Premier Pro rendered project on a flash drive and when you complete it we'll go over it and grade together while I give suggestions on how to make it better.




Check   %
 Bios   / Name
Check  %

1. Practice



2. Individual Bios



3. Bball Teacher



4. Crowd



5. Chapel



6. Game



7. Roving reporter


  Team mates  




Group work / helpful to others grade:

Video editing grade:

Transitions grade:

Video effects grade (5 min) :

Sound editing grade

Overall project grade: