3 Grades per week Description / Rubric

There will be three grades taken in the Digital Media Class per week.   1. Video, 2. Add to announcements/Effort, 3. Calendar

1. Video Each class member must produce a 45-60 sec video about a VCS activity/event/student

Create a folder on your desktop called 3Grades

save as:  lastname   Qt Wk   nameofproject

90-100  Including but not limited to pictures, video, titles, transitions, background music, interview, roving reporter, heart of the matter, video tells a story, flows well, redirects the viewer often, large audience friendly, desktop proof of use of software and keyframes, if entered video could win awards

80-90  Includes appropriate music pictures/video, video titles, background music, interview, tells a story, redirects the viewer often, desktop proof of use of software

70-80  Includes pictures, video titles, transitions, background music, tell the story, flows, keeps interest of the viewer, redirects the viewer

60-70  Includes pictures, titles, story weak or out of date or/and unclear, video weak none or little redirection of the viewer

50-60   Not much of an attempt, weak video, titles, discordant music,

2. Add to announcements/ video: 

Each class member must add something to the announcements that are produced each week for chapel.  Either by producing a video that is used, conducting an interview, camera person, editing and rendering. 50%


Weekly/Daily Effort 

Each class member needs to be in class on time computer/software opened setting the example for other students

Part of the grade will be absenteeism / promptness, attitude, teamwork, always on task, leadership, helping others with their project.  50%

3.  Project Calendar: each student must produce a flowing dynamic week to week calendar.


Calendar Rubric Needs work 65-80 Good-80-90 Excellent 90-100
Block day/month square and even lines uneven, days sporadically marked creative, looks good, even lines, use of color, posted big blocks, calendar creative, looks good, even lines, use of color, flows from one month to the other, posted above student work station for easy accessibility, colorful border
VCS Events few VCS events some past and future events past and future events clearly marked and easy for others to read, one month flows into the next
Calendar decorations and colors little or no color decorations color code/legend, flows emogies color coded, legend , easy for others/teacher to read, looks for other ways to share the usefulness of the calendar, use of hand drawn images
Project/Events penciled in/ some future projects penciled in projects penciled in and past projects color coded, interview/names

projects penciled in and past projects color coded & checked, easy to read and follow, exemplary, interview details/names, past interviews events updated

Creativity little or no creativity some creativity, fair reflection of yourself, not doing it just for a grade creative, good reflection of personality, always uses calendar as a tool to see past and future projects, others use your ideas because it adds to their project
Overall Calendar just a grade- I'll use it some student -others use calendar tool used as class example- if entered it could win awards