How to Pre-produce the human interest story about a senior VCS basketball player.         Tutorial
Find something interesting about your person.  Interview that person to find why they play basketball, where's their motivation, is their heart in it. What are their hopes and dreams, short range and long rang goals.
Find something endearing about that bball player,  (where's their heart...)something your and your audience can identify with.  For example everybody knows it takes a lot of practice to be good at basketball, seniors usually practice the hardest because they know this is their last shot to make the scene.

Tell a story:  People connect to people make it personal. What about God, Faith, Being a Christian example?

Watch Manti Teo video

Do your research:  Make contact with your person. Tell the person you are only telling a positive story, get them to trust you. Get help from others have someone film you interviewing the bball player and coaches, classmates.
Stay flexible:  Your story will evolve as you collect video and move into the production stage.
Video Production stage

Have a plan..... it's called story boarding....

it will help you set up your video scenes

Act I 

Act II   

Act III .....

Put yourself in the story.  You are the roving reporter in the beginning, we want to see your face, and hear your voice through out the story.
Make sure your story starts out with the endearing heart topic and ends with the same topic.

Make sure your story moves and flows, for example elementary basketball, junior high, high school goals for the future.

Watch the Malink Perry Story video

Some human interest stories examples:

Mr. Cap's Human Interest tutorial 1.5 min Video

Boat Field Trip Video

Malink Perry Story video

Blind Bball player


Gather all your resources:

You think you have enough video???? During the production stage you'll need more. You can never have too much quality video.


Use pictures....

if you don't have the photos at first then google appropriate fitting photos and place in your folders. You can put them in your Adobe Premiere Pro story board and use them until you get the real photo from the player's parents.

Don't just flash the pic in the video, but redirect the viewer to the main part of the pic. Use key frames to make the pic move....

Pancho Villa video Mr. Cap teaching video



Video Checklist

Interview the player... lots...

Practice video, game warm ups, game, crowd, team huddle, (get shots of your player smiling, being serious, laughing, agreeing, being a team player, praying, getting water)

Interview coaches, siblings, parents, fans, teammates,

Set up the scene you want... be aggressive.... you're the director.... get the shot you want to tell the story... everybody understands.... you can do it... don't be shy

Interview check list... get the basics... then get to the heart....get them to open up.... don't ask questions that need yes, no answers.....

Ask who,what, where, when, why, and how on the basics. Tie it into playing at VCS

What's your favorite basketball memory while playing at VCS?  Recreate the audio. Jordan 1 Freeman 2

Why is _____ your bf teammate? Why?

Who's been your biggest influence in bball?

How have your parents helped?

What are your goals..... dreams... ambitions?

Where is God in your basketball?









Parents of basketball players,

During the third quarter the students of Mr. Cap's Digital Media Class are producing a video about your VCS basketball player.

Do you have a few photos, that you can email, taken when your young child was playing basketball as a "little dribbler" or elementary grades or Junior High so we can use them in the video? Need ASAP students are working on the projects now.

If the photos are not in digital form we can scan the photos and get them back to you.

You can email all photos to Mr. Cap at

During the Senior Night home game the student putting together the basketball video might approach you for a quick interview for some insight about your senior basketball player..

Thank You,

Al Cap