Harvest youtube videos using keepvid software instructions.  

1.  Go to : http://keepvid.com/

You have to download iLivid software

2.  Click on the Download Now button

I'm using Windows XP so if you're using Windows 7 or another browser the screen might look a little different.

3.  Click on the Click here to start downloading.

4.  Then 2 "Run" buttons .
(Mouse over the pic to the left)

5.  Select "English"

6.  Select the Custon Installation button and uncheck Set and keep and Install Search-results checkboxes. See pic to the right.

7. Click on Accept and install.

8.  Uncheck the Torch Browser Ad and any other Ad that might pop up

9.  Click on next.

10. Uncheck the boxes you want. 

I unchecked the ones to the right.

11. Click on "Finish"

12. The iLivid Manager box should open if it doesn't then the icon's on your desktop.

13.  Close out of the Welcome to iLivid box. See pic to the left.


14.  Copy and paste the URL of the Youtube video you want to keep

15.  Then click on download.