media class       introduction

1. Schoology login screen

save as favori`te

username: first.lastname

PW: Welcome2

2. Media Class Room

            rm 322


3. Daily Procedures                be on time!

1  Start every day in Mr. Cap's room for pledges, prayer, instructions.

2.  Bring your supplies to class

3.  Stay away from social networking sites, gaming sites,

4.  Work on your projects.

4.  You will have an assigned computer / you will set up your individualized folders on that computer and be responsible for that area of the media room.

5. We share the room and computers with yearbook


so be respectful of their folders and equipment.


Let's watch the premier pro introduction and audio compression video.



Now we'll go to the media room and set up our folders, and start getting our camera angle shots for our first project.


1.  First let's log on.

press ctl alt delete to access log in page.  Then you might notice there's lots of the previous year's files and folders on the desktop

2. Find a folder called DM 201617.  Then drag and drop all of the misc. videos, files and folders that are on the desktop into that DM 201617 folder.

3.  Create a new folder on the desktop and call it DMlastname201718.  You'll put all of your videos and files in that folder.

4. Within that folder create three more folders called videos, pics, and music.