Power Director Tutorial Videos

Power Director Introductory Tutorial video

Let's Get Started With
Power Director

Power Director video 18min Importing video into Power Director and creating titles.

P D video  8min
How to Rotate and Crop, Add Transitions and Music"

PD video 4.5 min
Cropping, Producing, and

How to Use a Teleprompter
6min video

How to Make a Cheap
3min video

Prompt Software 7min

How to Use the Chroma Key 7min

How to Use Magic Motion 9min

How to Use PiP Objects 7min

Create your first slideshow using Power Director. Go to Director Zone and rewatch the "Create Slide Show" video and make a 90 second slide show with the video production pics in your pics folder using
1. Different transitions
2. Redirecting the viewer (Using Magic Motion video)  to the center of the photograph
3. Opening and closing titles
4. At least 3 different song transitions.