Breakthrough Video

1.  3:00   What is the name of the mascot of the school that John goes to? Eagles

2.  5:30  Why didn't John complete his assignment? he's adopted

3.  7:00   What happened to the mom's book club? conflict with the pastor's scheduling time

4. 10:00   Who pushed John in the Basketball practice?  Chad

5. 14:00   What threat did John's basketball coach use unless he upped his history grade?
                                       he would bench him for Sunday's game

6.  17:00 Where was John originally from?  small town in Guatemala

7.  20:00  What was the new Pastor's message?  Jesus was the rose God gave us
                                                                                                    when He chose us.

8.  23:00  Who made the winning basket ?  John

9.  26:00  Why was the mom looking at her watch?  John hadn't called home yet

10.  29:00 What did the boys say when they were told to get off the ice? 
                                                                                 we are   training for the olympics

11.  29:15  What did the firemen use to retrieve John's body  harpoon with a hook

12.  32:00 How long was John under?  15 minutes

13.  36:00 Who called the mom about the accident? Cindy

14.  39:00 How long was John "dead" for?  45 minutes

15.  41:00  What was the mom's prayer?   Please bring life into John

16.  45:16  Where was John airlifted to?  Cardinal Glenn hospital downtown

17.  47:00  What was the name of the Physician? Dr. Garrett

18.   49:00  What did All State guy say would happen even if John recovers?
                                                               severely and neurologically impaired

19.  51:00  What did the Dr tell his daughter?  that John's not going to come back to life

20.  53:00  What did the voice tell the fireman?  to go back

21.  54:00  What does the Dr. type in his blog?  that he witnessed a miracle

22.  57:26  After John made it throught the night what is Dr. worried about?  cerebral anemia

23. 59:00  What does the dad think will happen?  That John's just waiting to die

24. 60:55  What did the pastor tell his kids was another name for a pastor? shepherd

25. 60:55   Who does the pastor think will suffer the most if John dies?  his mom Joyce

26.  62:00  The fireman, not a Christian, thinks he heard God's voice

27. 65:00  What does the pastor think he's supposed to do?
                                                 to walk along side John's mom and dad

28.  67:00  What does the mom say to the doubters? don't speak negative, speak life

29.  68:30  Joyce goes home and gets John's Air Jordans

30.  72:00  What did John do when asked about Michael Jordan? squeeze the hand

31.  74:10  Why does Cindy think it was her fault? John was over at her house

32.   75:00  What does Joyce Smith say to the nay sayers in the waiting room? no negative talk

33.  78:00  What hapened to Joyce in John's room? she slipped into a diabetic coma

34.  80:00  What did Joyce say was part of her testimony? 
                                                  she gave her first child up for adoption

35.  82:00  What does Joyce finally do?  surrender to God

36.  82:00  With everybody praying and singing what happens with John?  no change

37. 82:00  What happens when they remove the breathing tubes?  John writhes in struggle

38. 96:00  When John awakens what does the doctor call it?  a miracle

39. 100:00  When does John walk back into class?  28 days later

40.  101:00  Why is it weird when John goes back to school?  people think he's a miracle boy