Culture is Broken - But There is Hope         Lesson 6                   

Review from last week
1. What was the fall?  Adam and Eve's sin.

2. a reference to music, movies and tv programs and those who make them. ? What good things have come from human creations of culture? reading and writing, transportation, television, sports, family, communication.  

3.  Seed thought: 

God designed all humans to create culture.  So humans shape culture, and the culture we shape in turn shapes us.

There should be no divide we should lives our lives as Christian witnesses everyday, all day, 24/7.

Students write down the blue questions and the red answers.

1. What was the fall?  Adam and Eve's sin.

2. How should Christians create culture? With God's image in mind.  Creating culture is how we relate to the world God gave us?

3.  What are some examples of culture that show the brokenness of the Fall?  Art turned into idols, tools and weapons used that are destructive. The fall takes things that are beautiful and helpful and distorts them into being destructive and dehumanizing.

4.  Seed thought:  The fall affects culture,  but it is also encompassed by God's work of redemption.

5. What is the cultural mandate?  we are to fill, form and create new things, as well as influence existing culture.

6.  How?  by doing the right thing,  through the power of the one who has conquered sin and death.


Big Question:

7.  What cultural creations seem the way they should be? .  Watch the introduction of the History of Glass video

We are called to lead culture and renew broken culture back to Christ

History lesson in culture Christianity and humanistic invasion

I Take for instance pre civil war south.

A Most, if not all, African Americans had been forced to southern America as slaves.

B Many of the slave owners actual go to church which in short leads to the slaves gaining exposure to the message of Christ.

1 Of course they are completely deceived by trying to call themselves servants of Christ while simultaneously engaging in the kind of heinous slavery inflicted in America.

2 Yet, amongst such evil, we find some good in that many slaves were introduced to Christianity during this time.

Watch Cotton Pickin 4min video

3 In fact the slaves are not only introduced to Christianity but many completely embrace the message of salvation, deliverance, and redemption through Christ.

4 They get more of a revelation of Christ love then the clergy preaching the message.

II Out of their inspiration from scripture and desire for freedom, the slaves create music we now know as Negro spirituals.

A From these spirituals would come gospel music, rmb, and jazz.

B A whole culture of people became linked to Christ and allowed their artistic expression to reflect God’s glory.

Watch Roll Jordan Roll 2 min video

III Yet, we can also blatantly see the effects of humanism seep into the conscious of this cultural group and thus affect the culture itself.

Consequently, there is a strange mixture of humanism and Christianity within this cultural genre.

What about other music?

What are some other cultural genres that share a mixture of humanism and Christianity? For example, can you see traces of humanism and Christianity in country music scene?

Watch What If God Was One Of Us 3min video

What are some of the conflicting messages or shall I say competing messages that come across in music or groups that try to combine Christianity and humanism?

Can anyone name some Christian artists you genuinely enjoy listening to?


    Why do we need to know about culture?

1.  To let others know what is our perspective.

2.  Helps to guide others toward heaven

3.  then we begin to make the right decisions and form the appropriate responses to questions on abortion, same-sex marriage, cloning, stem-cell research and even media choices. Because, in the end, the truth does set us free.  It is our decisions and actions that reveal what we really believe.


Small Group Discussion

What are some cultural creations that were creaeted for good purposes but have had unintended bad consequences?

What are some examples of culture that are a mix of good and bad, or helpful and destructive?  TV? desserts? long commutes?