Movie Viewing Sheet:                             Name: _____________________________________
Teacher: Mr. Cap               End of the Spear

Where did the five missionaries and their families live? ______________________

What percent of the Waodani tribe died from the spears of other Waodani tribe? _____________

Where did Mincayani take Dayumae? _______________________________

The Waodani did not mark time, so the Waodani did not know their actual what? ________________

What did the Waodani think the plane was? ______________________________

Has anyone ever made contact with the Waodani and lived to tell about it? ______________

What did the missionaries do with Dayumae? __________________________________________

What did the boy tell his father to say if the tribe attacked? ________________________

Why won’t the missionaries shoot the Waodani if they attack? ________________

What did the tribe give the missionaries? _____________________

Why did the Waodani kill the five missionaries? _________________________________________

Who says they’ve killed Dayumae? _____________________

Why did other foreigners come? ___________________

Were all five of the missionaries killed by the tribesmen? ___________

How did they prove it was Steve’s father? ____________________________

What is Dayumae going to say when she gets back to the tribe? _____________________

What do the Waodani think Dayumae is? _____________

What do Waengongi’s carvings say? _________________________

Who shows the tribe Waengongi’s carvings? __________________

What does the tribe say Kimo has fallen under? ___________

Why does the tribe think the foreigners told them not to kill? ____________________

Why won’t the Waodani kill the Aenomenani? ______________________

What is the tribe dying of? ______________

How many weeks does it take for the tribe to recover? ______________

What did Steve’s father give? _______________