Jesus His Life Judas          Pop Qz in schoology

1. 1:00  The raising of Lazareth from the dead was Jesus' greatest miracle

2. 1:20   Today Judas Iscariot's name is synomous with traitor

3. 2:10  Judas was in Jesus' inner circle

4. 3:00  Judas was probably from the town of Kerioth

5. 3:10  There was a group of trained assassins called sicarii that used daggers

6. 3:40  Judas controlled the money, finances, and banking for Jesus and the disciples

7. 4:40  One time Mary came to Jesus and washed his feet.   Judas objected saying
                                it could be sold for a weeks wages and was told to let her be.

8. 6:00  After the foot washing embarrassment Judas and Jesus begin to part ways

9. 6:30  Jesus then plans to re-enter Jerusalem, a place he and his disciples
                                         have been driven out of several times before

10. 7:50  Jesus tells Judas to go into a village and find a donkey and bring it back to Jesus

11. 8:40  During the Roman occupation the Jews were looking for a savior called a Messiah

12. 9:40  Jesus the miracle worker now becomes a political agitator

13. 10:20  Jerusalem had a population of about 50,000 and at Passover it swelled to 500,000

14. 11:00  Being a Jew revolved around going to the temple at least once a year

15. 12:00  In the temple lots of religious leaders made money on animal sacrifices

16. 12:30  It was in the temple that Jesus overturned the tables and causing a riot

17. 14:00  Jewish High Priest leader Caiaphas feared that Jesus was going to bring down
                                                 Roman oppression upon the Jews

18. 15:00  Judas now starts to plan how he's going to betray Jesus

19. 15:30  In the gospel of Luke it says the Satan entered into Judas

20. 16:20  According to Matthew Judas receives 30 pieces of silver to hand Jesus over

21. 17:20  The last meal Jesus had with his disciples was a celebration of the Jewish Passover

22. 18:00  The Passover was where the homes of Jews in Egypt were "passedover" to slay
                                          the first born sons of the Egyptians

23. 19:10  At the last Passover meal Jesus begins to tell his disciples of his upcoming death

24. 21:00  Jesus hands Judas a piece of bread and told him he knows he's the betrayer

25. 23:40  After the Passover meal Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray

26. 25:40  Judas betrayed the Son of Man with a kiss

27. 26:00  To try to prevent the arrest of Jesus Peter cuts off the ear of Malchus

28. 27:20  Jesus is arrested and taken to Caiaphas

29. 30:00  One of the accusations against Jesus before Caiaphas is that Jesus claimed he
                                  would tear down the temple and rebuild it in 3 days

30. 31:00  Jesus responds to Caiaphas about Jesus being the Messiah saying that from now
       on you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of God on the clouds of heaven

31. 33:00  At the trial before Caiaphas Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus
                                                                     also agree to Jesus' guilt

32. 34:00  Maybe Judas hoped Jesus would perform a miracle at the trial and start
                                      becoming the Messiah, King of the Jews

33. 35:40  Judas now tries to give the money back because he knows Jesus was innocent

34. 38:00  After betraying Jesus Judas felt he had to die to cover the shame

35. 39:30  The betrayal of Judas was all part of the plan woven together in
                                         prophecies from the Old Testament