Jesus His Life Mary Magdalene and Crucifixion           Pop Qz in schoology

1.  :30       If one is to understand the story of western history
                                                   one must understand the story of Jesus

2.  1:10    Mary Magdalene supported Jesus, was at the crucifixion, and was the
                                                             first witness of the resurrection.

3. 1:30       Some say Mary magdalene was the beginning of Christianity

4. 2:20     When we first hear of Mary she was from the city of Magdala

5. 2:29  Magdala is on shore of what sea?

6.  What do geographers think the reference of Tarichaea is litterally the place of .... processing fish

7. 2:35   Early accounts of Mary Magdalene was that she was posessed by seven ... demons

8.  3:35 Jesus healed Mary by casting out the demons and set her free


9.  5:00  Because in 591 and Gregory the Great many think of
                                                        Mary Magdalene as being a prostitute

10.  5:20  Luke 8:1-3 Tells us that Mary and other women are
                                           following Jesus around Galilee, Israel. 

11.  5:45  This is the first account (Luke 8:1-3) of a Jewish teacher (Jesus)
                                        having women disciples

12.  6:10   Jesus was the first Jewish teacher to treat women with respect, as disciples, and equals

13.  6:50   It's rumored that Jesus and Mary were married, but there's nothing
                                                  in the Bible to substantiate the facts

14.  8:00   In the end it was Judas who betrayed Jesus

15.  8:20  The narative of the passion of Christ is another way to say the events of the Crucifixion

16.  8:36  Jesus was sentenced to death for the charge of being "King of the Jews"

17.  9:00  When Jesus was arrested Mary and the other women were not under the
                                       "cloud of suspicion" that followed the men disciples.

18.   9:40    People thought that Jesus was an ultimate challenge to every
                                                        authority figure in Jerusalem

19.   11:10  Roman soldiers, who guarded Jesus as he carried his cross,
                                        got a bystander Simon of Cyrene to help him

20.   12:20  Along the via dolorosa Jesus spoke to the women saying
     "Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children"

21.   12:50    Also along the via dolorosa prominent Jews Joseph of Arimathea and
                                                    Nicodemus were mentioned again.

22.   13:20    The place where Jesus was crucixified was called Golgotha "The Place of the Skull"

23.   15:00    The Romans adopted the practice of crucifixion from Darius the Great of Persia

24.   15:40   Amoung the other women at the crucifixion was the male disciple John

25.   15:48   On the cross, above Jesus' head, was a small sign that said,
                                                           "Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews"

26.   15:50    What were the three languages of the sign?  Greek Latin Hebrew

27.   16:00     From Pilate the sign represented the ultimate mockery of the Jewish people

28.   17:10    The described pain of being nailed to the cross from the Latin
                                       "ex cruxis" or excruciating meaning "from the cross"

29.   18:30 The idea of the piece of wood at the feet on the cross during a crucifixion was to
                help take pressure off to make the torture last to make the person suffer longer

30.   19:20  Jesus refuses the drink of gall and wine because He's saying "I'm willing to die"

31.   19:50  Some say Jesus' willingness to die was the ultimate sign of love

32.   20:20  People mocked Jesus on the cross to shame Him and His family's reputation

33.   21:00  On the cross, Jesus said to the mockers
                                "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do"

34.   21:50  At mid day it's said that darkness covered the land giving
                                                                 the darkest moment for humanity

35.   22:00  Jews viewed the omen of darkness as a divine judgment of
for the crucifixion of Jesus

36.   22:20  Jews thought the Messiah was to come and rule over everything during their lifetime

37.   23:20  Then Jesus cries out in aramic "My God why have you forsaken me"
                                       He's quoting Psalm 22:1-31 about somebody who feels abandoned

38.   24:20  After Jesus died those who mocked him fell to their knees but it was too late

39.   25:00  Now the race is on to get the bodies off the cross and into the
                                                                 tomb before the start of the sabbath

40.   25:50  Romans, if they were in a hurry, would break the legs of those
                                                                        crucified for death to come quicker

41.   27:20  Joseph of Arimathia asks Pilate for the body of Jesus

42.   31:20  The Jewish burial process included the washing of the body
                                                and then wrap the body in a winding sheet

43.   31:50  The winding sheet was AKA a shroud and the
                                 Shroud of Turin has been said to be that of Jesus' shroud

44.   32:20  Is the Shroud of Turin authentic?  What was the cup that
                                 Jesus drank from at the last supper called? The Holy Grail

45.   34:20  With Jesus dead, Mary Magdalene feared that the
                                                         old wounds (demons) of her past would return

46.   36:40  When Mary and the disciples get to Jesus' tomb all they found was the wrappings

47.   37:30  Then Mary Magdalene sees two of God's messengers angels

48.   39:20  Then Mary goes out to the tomb's garden and is the first to see the risen Jesus
                                and some say this is the most important moment in the Gospel