Lesson # 2 

Students write down the questions that are in red and the blue answers and any pertinent class discussion for those questions




1.  What is a boundary? 

Something that indicates a border of limit:



2.  Why are boundaries important for teenagers? ___Keeps you from doing the wrong thing_____


3.  What are some of the wrong things teenagers do?


texting while driving


Watch Police Car Chase 2min video


4.  How do child/parent roles change when the teenage years approach?

When children become teenagers parents become more like a manager. Helping teens make the right choices by establishing boundaries.


5.  Are we born with boundaries?

Children aren't born with self-discipline and boundaries play an important role in managing teenagers.


6.  What about being alone with your girlfriend/boyfriend at his/her house?

Should there be boundaries there? Yes


Give examples of rules or boundaries in your life and how have they protected you? 

7.  How do rules protect you?  They cause the teenager to take ownership of their decisions. It gives you an excuse to say no.

Watch Boundaries While Dating 8min video

8.  Where do you stand on these issues:

Curfew   It's been said that nothing good happens to a teenager after midnight.

Drinking   Makes you act stupid plus  it's illegal for both parents and teenagers.

Movies/ videos  / violent video games : garbage in / garbage out

Social Media:  parents monitor to keep teens safe

Watch Help teens Manage Screen Time video


Discuss the garbage in / garbage out concept   

 9.  Is it possible that what you subject your mind to effects your everyday decisions?



10.  What about media influence? TV, magazines, movies, videos, games, music, internet, pornography,

How does the media portray sex outside of marriage?



        Draw the Circle of boundary


Who are people in your life that help you stay in your boundaries? What do these people do exactly to help you stay in your boundaries?

curfews, positive friends, concerned parents, teachers, counselors, healthy decisions, goals, values, etc.



What are things that help you stay with your boundaries?____________


What are influences that take you out of your boundaries.___________