Syllabus for Mr. Cap's
Junior Bible Class

  A Study in "Bible Truths: 
                 Directions for Early Christians "

Welcome to my Bible class. This is going to be a great school year and I'm looking forward to teaching you.
This class is also online through Schoology which I update weekly to keep it current with what is being taught in the classroom.     1. To access Schoology go to this link
2.  Log in to Schoology (see below).    3. Go to the Favorites star and save login page as a favorite.

Schoology is an online platform students can use to access class notes, quizzes, tests, and study materials

To access Schoology go to


Password: Welcome2  (change after you first login)


Supplies needed: NIV or NKJ version of the Bible , loose-leaf notebook paper or spiral notebook, pencil, colored pencils, pens, red pen.

This class will cover topics found in Bible Truths curriculum and the Bible Truths workbook .  Students will explore topics in the New Testament as well as current issues taught from a Christian perspective. Mr. Cap tries to use the latest Internet and computer access advantages a teacher can have as a resource for students.

Grading:  I usually take a grade everyday in Bible and all lessons will be accessible in Schoology.   All students that are present or absent for class must take notes over the lesson and turn in for a grade.

There will also be a midterm project each quarter consisting of an individual Bible devotion.

Bible Devotion
28%     Major


= Quarter Grade for Bible

Bible to Class
8%      Minor
Class Lessons
28%   Minor
Tests or Exams:
20%  Major
Chapel Notes and Discussion
13%  Minor
                                   Total Quarter Grade

Mr. Cap's Bio:  I have been teaching in Christian Schools since 1985.  Teaching a variety of subjects but primarily focusing on teaching history and Bible. You can contact me at the school or my e-mail address is:

See Bible Expectations below.

Have a great school year!!!           Mr. Cap



Bible Expectations:  No Cell Phones visible.

I like to start off every Bible class with about 10 minutes of Bible reading and prayer time.  This is your personal time in the Word.  Focus on the chapter in the Bible we are studying that week.   After you have read the chapter then focus on key words and phrases that are repetitive.  Do not work on other school work.  Do not engage or become distracted by your neighbor. 


  • Pen or pencil, notebook paper, NIV or NKJ Bible —every day!— and whatever other materials we are currently studying.
  • Textbook : The NIV or NKJ Bible, bring your own every day we have class.


The following rules apply to every student.
  1. Be considerate to the teacher and to your classmates at all times.
  2. Do not disrupt the class in any way [this includes throwing papers away during class].
  3. Do not sleep in class.
  4. Do not bring food or drinks (you can bring water) to class.
  5. Do not do work for other classes in this class.
  6. Do not bring iPod's or other MP3 players to class. No cell phones, wireless internet-capable devises, graphing calculators, must be turned off before you enter class or I'll confiscate and turn into school office.