What About Our Words         Proverbs 12

Write down the questions in red in your notes and the answers in another color ink.

17 A truthful witness gives honest testimony,
       but a false witness tells lies.

    18 Reckless words pierce like a sword,
       but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

    19 Truthful lips endure forever,
       but a lying tongue lasts only a moment.

    20 There is deceit in the hearts of those who plot evil,
       but joy for those who promote peace.

    21 No harm befalls the righteous,
       but the wicked have their fill of trouble.

    22 The LORD detests lying lips,
       but he delights in men who are truthful.

    23 A prudent man keeps his knowledge to himself,
       but the heart of fools blurts out folly.

    24 Diligent hands will rule,
       but laziness ends in slave labor.

    25 An anxious heart weighs a man down,
       but a kind word cheers him up.

Ok, so we've talked about husbands and wives some. 

In meeting someone new, do you: (a) Shake hands? (b) Fill the void with small talk? (c) Think first, speak later? (d) Wear your feelings on your sleeve?

What does it mean to "wear your feelings on your sleeve"? You let other people know how you're feeling or what you're thinking. The saying dates back to Shakespeare's 'Othello'

Look at verse 18  are 'reckless words' the same as small talk? No, reckless words are hurtful words.Watch the Count video.



Look at verse 19 What does it mean 'Truthful lips endure forever?'  telling the truth never goes stale, it's always right and fresh

How does a 'lying tongue' last only a moment?  a lie only lasts until the truth is known, sometimes that's only for a moment.

Think about this:  If your use of words  were compared to the way you drive a car, what kind of "talker" are you?  (a) Cautious, looking both ways? (b) Fast, running the stop lights, cutting corners? (c) Egocentric, tooting your own horn? (d) Distracted, watching the girls or guys go by? (e) Reckless, with a few fender-benders?

Think about all the proverbs that we have seen that deal with speech, and gossip and the tongue.  Why is one's speech so important in a marriage? communication is a must

In counseling? if you're going to help others you must say the right words. 

In civil justice?  In peace-making?  In befriending?

Have you ever heard this expression:  "There's power in them there words"

Why are words so powerful? you tend to believe what other people say, and words last longer

What did Mr. Cap's 6th gd teacher say? "it's easier to mend a slip of the foot than a slip of the tongue"

Look back at verse 14.  This links words to the theme of work.  Look also at 14:23.  What is the point of this connection? you can create good things with your hands as well as your speech

 Look at this video:  Is there honor in this deception?  Yes

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Verse 17

If you want to know the truth, then ask an honest person.  You cannot trust a person who lies.

Verse 18

Words can hurt, and words can heal

An evil man’s words can cause much damage.  He might upset or insult people.  He might use words to make an evil plan.  For example, an evil lawyer can use clever words to write an unfair contract.  Words might not hurt in a physical way, but they can cause real trouble.

Words do not heal in a physical way either.  However, they can bring help and comfort.

Verse 19

The truth does not change.  If something is true now, then it will always be true.  This is like wisdom (Proverbs 8:22-31).  This is also like Jesus, because Jesus never changes (Hebrews 13:8).

Lies do change.  When someone lies, he is always changing his story.  ‘Many witnesses spoke lies against Jesus.  However, their accounts were all different from each other.’  (Mark 14:56)

Verse 20

You cannot see a person’s heart or mind.  However, you can understand their thoughts, if you look at their behavior.  Jesus explained this in Matthew 7:15-20.

Verse 21

God protects good people.  He does not protect evil people.  See Psalm 91.

Verse 22

Sometimes, we need to remember simple facts.  Some wise words are complex, like a puzzle.  Other wise words are very easy to understand.  Even a little child can understand this verse.

Verse 23

A wise man is still wise, even if he does not speak. 

When Jesus was in court, he remained silent (Matthew 26:63).  Isaiah wrote, ‘A sheep is silent before the farmer cuts its wool.  So he (Jesus) remained silent.’  (Isaiah 53:7).

Some people are always speaking.  They want everyone to hear their ideas.  If a fool talks constantly, all his words will be foolish.  He needs to be silent, and to listen.  Then a wise man can speak and teach wisdom to the fool.

Verse 24

Employers watch their workers.  The employer wants to know which workers are working hard.  He also wants to know who is lazy.  A good worker will receive more responsibility.  A lazy worker might lose his job.  In the end, the lazy worker could even become a slave.

Verse 25

This verse expresses sympathy.  A person who worries is sad.  Life can be hard.  People fear many things.

As Christians, we should look after other people.  We should speak words of kindness and sympathy.  We should speak words that encourage.  We should tell people to trust God.  Then we shall bring joy into people’s lives.

Verse 26

Other people benefit when someone respects God.  People can learn from us.  Our lives can teach people about God.  This is like a man who leads his friend on a journey.

Life is like a journey.  But an evil man is like a traveler who has no guide.  This traveler must guide himself on his journey.  He does not know the correct route, so he will go the wrong way.  So the evil man will do the wrong things.  He will suffer because his actions are evil.

Verse 27

The lazy man wasted his food.  A wise person would cook his food and enjoy it. 

A lazy person wastes his life.  He achieves nothing, because he refuses to work.  A wise person achieves many things by his hard work.

Verse 28

Life is like a journey.  On our journey, we should follow good people.  We should copy their behavior.  And we should learn to do the right things.  Especially, we should follow Jesus (John 8:12).  Then God will give a place in heaven to us.  God has prepared a home for us in heaven (John 14:2-3).




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1.Analyze the impact of our words.

2. Explain the difference between the Wisdom and Knowledge

3. describe the

4. chart on a map the

5. define the terms

6. Explain the significance of

Knowledge: Recall of data.

Comprehension: Understand the meaning, translation, interpolation, and interpretation of instructions and problems. State a problem in one's own words.

Use a concept in a new situation or unprompted use of an abstraction. Applies what was learned in the classroom into novel situations in the workplace.

Separates material or concepts into component parts so that its organizational structure may be understood. Distinguishes between facts and inferences. 

Builds a structure or pattern from diverse elements. Put parts together to form a whole, with emphasis on creating a new meaning or structure.

Make judgments about the value of ideas or materials.