10 Monuments that Changed America Video

1.  :30       Bunker Hill Monument is located in Boston Massachusetts

2.  1:00   General Artemas Ward thought that Breed's Hill
                                       was a better location to fight

3. 2:20     William Prescott said "Don't fire until you see
                                     the whites of their eyes"

4.  4:10   The Bunker Hill monument is really a stone obelisk

5.  5:30    Édouard René de Laboulaye   conceived of the Liberty statue

6.  6:10   Because he was disenchanted with
                               the Napoleon III's rule in France

7. 7:04   1886 the statue of Liberty came to America

8. 8:50   Gustave Eiffel designed the frame for the statue

9.  9:50     Emma Lazarus wrote a poem for the statue
                 Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

10.  9:20    Standing Soldiers Everywhere is a type of monument
                                                   in every town

11.  11:00   Built after the Civil War to honor locals who fought
                                    and didn't come back

12.  12:45    Mass produced by a statue company the soldier is
                  standing erect, holding a gun, face is non-descript.

13.  13:30    Many of the monuments said that "you won't force
                              us to change".... today they are being removed

14. 14:30    Today statue history is being contextualized. 
                  Not erased, not what you think they mean,
                     but what they actually symbolized

15. 16:30  Robert Gould Shaw was the leader of the 54th
                               Regiment Memorial  in Boston Mass

16. 18:39  The Mass 54th regiment was an all black Civil
fighting force

17. 19:00  The Mass 54th fought at the Second Battle of Fort Wagner

18. 19:20  Augustus Saint-Gaudens  was the artist that
                                   sculpted the 54th memorial

19. 19:30  Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. was
                                    conceived to build national unity.

20.  21:10   Built to say the north and south were finally back together.

21. 22:00   Pedestal Piers decend into the ground 65 feet down to bedrock

22.  23:00   Stone from 6 different states was shipped to build the memorial

23.  23:33  Lincoln memorial makes no mention of the
                                   Emancipation Proclamation

24.  23:39 Marian Anderson was barred from singing at Roosevelt's
               inauguration in D.C. but she sang at the Memorial opening

25. 23:53     Ever since Marian Andersen sang at the
                Lincoln Memorial in 1939 the memorial becomes
                a stage for the Civil Right's Movement.

26. 24:40    Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota

27. 25:51   Gutson Borglum was hired to supervise the carving
              of Mt. Rushmore.

28. 28:26   The monument to Chief Crazy Horse was a
                      Native American response to Mt. Rushmore

29.  29:53   Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri

30.  31:53 Eero Saarinen an architect from Finland won a
                          contest to design the Gateway Arch

31. 34:16  Saarinen wanted people to be able to look out
                              of the Arch and see the west

32.  35:17 Jan Scruggs conceived of the Vietnam Veterans
                                    Memorial in Washington D.C.

33.  37:43  Maya Lin's design of the Vietnam Memorial won the contest.

34.  39:45   The names on the Vietnam War Memorial were
                    of the dead in the order in which they died.

35. 40:44  AIDS Memorial Quilt in Everywhere USA

36.  47:10  OKC National Memorial in OKC OK

37.  47:50  In the OKC bombing a domestic terrorist exploded
                              a truck bomb killing many

38.  49:00 The OKC Memorial had empty chairs placed where they died.

39.  51:00 A segment of the fence was kept to remember, honor
                          and listen to the people who died

40.  Name a memorial you see in Mr. Cap's classroom?