13 Original Colonies Map   Ch 2                              Name: _________________________________________
Teacher: Mr. Cap




Fill in the Blank Colonial Order:

1.  A colony that was governed by a trade company was a _______________________ colony.

2.  An indenture was a work _____________________.

3.  The belief that outward obedience to the Scripture was unnecessary to show an inner relationship was ________

4.  "Precious stink" was a description of America's first cash crop called __________________________

5.  "Holy Experiment" refers to the state of __________________________

6.  If someone paid for his passage to the New World, the Virginia Company offered him ___________________

7.  The man who dreamed of a "wilderness Zion" in Massachusetts was _________________________________

8.  The group of settlers who came from Scrooby, England, then moved to Holland, was ____________________

9.  This document has been called the first wrien constitution in America. ________________________________

10.  The man who discovered a waterway from below Long Island to Albany, New York was _______________

11.  Thomas Hooker moved three congregations into the Connecicut River Valley to form what was

        collectively called  _________________________________

12.  The contract of government drawn up by those on the Mayflower was known as the ___________________

13.  What is the significance of the Mayflower Compact to the United States government as a whole?



14.  What two major groups of Mound Builders lived in North America? ________________________________