Abolitionists Pt 3    Video

1.  :45   By 1854 the US government had fallen into the hands of powerful white racist demigods who were the betrayers of the people by only pushing the slave holder's agenda. 

1a.  1:27  Federal troops were sent to Boston to return a slave to the south

2.  2:20  Garrison started his abolitionist movement in 1829

3.  3:10  In 1855 the flash point for the spread of slavery was Kansas

4.  4:00  John Brown called Garrison's abolitionism "milk and water"

5.  5:30  John Brown left Ohio to fight against slavery in Kansas

6. 7:00  Congressman Brooks beat Sumner in Congress with his cane

7. 8:04  In Kansas Brown dragged 5 slavery people and hacked em to death

8. 8:40  After this Kansas became known as "Bleeding Kansas"

9.  9:20   Africa was the code word for the slaveholding south

10.  10:20   In the Dred Scott case Justice Taney ruled that blacks were so far inferior that no laws were bound to slaves

11.  13:00 Frederick Douglas met John Brown and Brown revealed his plan to arm the slaves and start a slave revolt

12.  14:35    Douglas tells Brown that he's walking into a "steel trap" when he unveils his plan to attack Harper's Ferry

13.  16:30  Douglas left Brown and the decision would "haunt him" for the rest of his life

14. 17:30  John Brown attacked a federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry Va.

15. 20:09  Wounded, captured and during his trial Brown puts his accusers on trial

16. 21:30 As John Brown walks to hang he becomes the abolitionists "grandfather"

17. 23:10  At Brown's hanging 4000 people came to watch

18. 25:00  Abolitionists knew the hanging of Brown would be a turning point in the struggle

19.  25:35  A new candidate Abraham Lincoln ran for office

20.  27:30  November of 1860 Lincoln wins the presidency

21  26:14  Douglas didn't like the way Lincoln was placating the south and threatened to leave the country and go to Haiti.

22.   30:00  Without abolitionists the Civil War would never have taken place

23. 31:40  At the start of the war abolitionists came together in unity

24.  32:30   Harriet Beecher Stowe said the Civil War was divine intervention

25.  34:10  As the war goes on people realized slavery had to end

26.  35:00  Garrison called Lincoln "white trash"

27. 34:44  But Lincoln drafts then signs the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863

28.  36:50  Then Lincoln tells the south that if they stopped fighting they could keep their slaves another 40 years

29.  37:20 

30.  39:00