#37   Across the Wide Missouri  
Manifest Destiny-  the idea that it was God's will for
     the U.S. to
expand from sea to shining sea    coined by John L. O'Sullivan
Watch Manifest Destiny 2 min video


Texas Revolution

Stephen Austin  established a large  American settlement in Texas


Santa Anna  becomes dictator of Mexico

Causes of the Texas Revolution:
            1.  Restricts American settlements
            2.  Outlaws slavery in Texas
            3.  Refused to hear grievances

    Sam Houston  former governor of Tennessee
                             led the Texas Revolution

Battle of the Alamo

fortified mission defended by 186 Texans... all died

    Colonel William Barrett Travis, Jim Bowie,
Davie Crockett

Watch 8 min video on the Alamo:


     Texas' battle cry became "Remember the Alamo" 
                 "Remember the Goliad" over 400 massacred

                                                                                                      Watch Goliad 8 min video

Battle of San Jacinto  won by the Texans 
            changed the course of North American history forever

Watch Battle of San Jacinto from DVD 10 mim video


in 1836 Texas becomes the Lone Star Republic and is annexed to the U.S. 10 yrs later
Watch Texas Settlement, Revolution, and Annexation 5 min video

    Oregon Trail       Watch Donner party 3min video

What did we learn today?

What were the causes of the Texas Revolution?

How did the Battle of San Jacinnto change the course of North American history forever?





Photo Credits:

Texas map: http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/19-century/texas-revolution-map.jpg

Updated: November 14, 2018

OBJECTIVES: Students will be able to: 1. list 2. explain the difference between 3. describe the 4. chart on a map the 5. define the terms 6. Explain the significance of Knowledge: Recall of data. Comprehension: Understand the meaning, translation, interpolation, and interpretation of instructions and problems. State a problem in one's own words. Application:
Use a concept in a new situation or unprompted use of an abstraction. Applies what was learned in the classroom into novel situations in the workplace. Analysis:
Separates material or concepts into component parts so that its organizational structure may be understood. Distinguishes between facts and inferences.  Synthesis:
Builds a structure or pattern from diverse elements. Put parts together to form a whole, with emphasis on creating a new meaning or structure.

Make judgments about the value of ideas or materials.