African Americans Pt 1 The Black Atlantic


1.  When did the first African come to America?  1513 with the Spanish

2.   2:34  What happened in 1619?   first African slaves came to America

3.  What was the major crop in Jamestown?  tobacco

4.  5:50  What did Virginia do to Anthony Johnson's land?   confiscated it

5.   By 1630 a new reality entered the world... black meant____ slaves

6.  Slavery in Africa was based upon powerful tribes and a common business selling people meant $

9:00  Which African tribe captured Africans and sold them as slaves Temne

7.   12:45  Slavery was passed down from parents to children and the majority of slavery was based upon .... race

8.  Europeans did not enslave other _______ Europeans

Christians did not enslave other _____ Christians

9.  16:50  British ship Hare in 1756 transported slaves in the middle passage

10.  18:20 Women on the slave ships were available prey

11.  What fish followed the slave ships?  sharks

12.  What South Carolina city was the center of the slave trade?  Charlestown

13.  22:45  What other crop did slaves work in South Carolina?  rice

14.  What killed most new slaves?  malaria, disease, snakes

15.  Runnaway punishment 1st time two toes  2nd  ears  3rd castration

16.  For almost all Africans they never know their original ancestors

17.  28:00 Blacks created a new cultural practices in dance and food

18. 31:00  Black slaves also dreamed about freedom

19.  31:34  What is the name of the oldest city in America?  St. Augustine

20.  34:00  Crossing the Fort Mose river ment freedom

21.  36:30 What did the beating of the drums mean during the
              slave revolt? trying to get other slaves to join them

22. 37:00 Slaves were always searching for a chance at rebellion

23. 41:00 Slaves joined the Revolutionary cause called: Black Pioneers

24. 42:40  the British set up a colony of former slaves in Sierra Leon

25.  45:10 What French colony was the largest
                 producer of coffee? San Domingue

26.  46:09  What country became the first black
                                       nation in the New World Haiti

27.  48:00  Where is the living connection to Haiti?  New Orleans