African Americans Pt 2  The Age of Slavery

1.  In the 13 Colonies in 1760 slavery was legal

2.  1:30 Mum Bet argued that slavery violated the basic principle that: "all men are created equal"

3. 4:00 In 1786 Richard Allen preached the gospel in Philadelphia

4.   7:10 Richard Allen and others started the AME  African Methodist Episcopal Church

5.  10:30 On the day of Gabriel's uprising to kidnap the governor then a great _____ storm arose slave rebels were hung.

6.   12:10  Eli Whitney invented the ____ cotton gin

7. 14:04 The cotton gin transformed the US and increased the need for slaves who replaced Native Americans

8. 15:50 The demand for slaves caused the second middle passage to take place from slaves being shipped from the north transported to the south.

9.  19:50  Free blacks in the south formed : The Brown Fellowship Society  met in South Carolina

10.  21:20 In 1840 Natches, Mississippi held more___ millionaires than any place in America

11.  24:00  400,000 Africans become 4 million by 1840 by breeding

12.  24:45 Tools of torture became common in the south were probably made by slaves

13.  27:30  In 1831 Nat Turner started the largest slave revolt in America

14. 29:30 By 1840 Southern racist attitudes said that Blacks perfected southern society by serving whites

15. 31:30  Free Black leaders refused to be intimidated and coninued the cause of  abolitionism

16. 32:39  Fredrick Douglas was raised by his grandmother till age of 6

17. 34:00  Douglas escaped on his 3rd try

18. 39:00 Runaway slaves traveled along the Underground Railroad

19. 40:30  Which law forced northerners to catch runaways? The Fugitive Slave Act

20.  42:10 Who was the most famous of the underground RR? Harriet Tubman

21. 48:00 Slave Margaret Garner committed what murder?  she slit the throats of her children so they wouldn't have to go back to slavery