African Americans Pt 4
Making a Way Out of No Way

1.  2:00  As the 19th century came to a close over __8__ million blacks lived in the south

2.  3:00  Blacks moving to the north and west came to be known as the "Great Migration"

3. 4:00  In the south blacks and whites couldn't play ____ together. checkers

4.   6:20 Whites would leave with souveniers after watching a lynching

5.  8:43  Ida B. Wells was a journalist that wrote against lynching.

6.   10:10  According to Wells the truth about lynching is that it is economic jealousy and sexual anxiety an instrument of terror and control.

7. 10:40  By 1900 Blacks were still sharecropping the
                                               white lands in the south

8. 11:45   Some blacks were encouraged to not listen to the siren sounds from the north

9.  13:45 Booker T. Washington saw himself as a go between whites and blacks. and founder of the Tuskegee Institute

10.  15:10 African Americans forced by segregation to make a way out of no way

11.  16:50  In cartoons blacks were depicted as ignorant, scared, coon savage, Jezebell, buffoon, demonized, slow to learn etc.

12.  19:00 Images of subjugation had to reteach to each generation and a propaganda campaign was set forth to reinforce Jim Crow thought.

13.  20:30   W.E.B. DuBois  was the leading black intellectual of his day.

14. 22:00 DuBois was the first black to earn a doctate degree from Harvard University

15. 23:00  DuBois also founded the NAACP

16. 24:20  By the 1920s Harlem became the Mecca of black society in New York City

17. 26:00  Called the Harlem Renaissance it was the golden age of black arts and the purveyors of "cool"

18. 28:00 Back in the 1920s night clubs were called "speakeasies"

19. 31:00 Oscar Micheaux was the first black film creator.

20.  32:50 In response to Micheaux came the racist film "The Birth of a Nation" 

21. 34:10 City of Tulsa had a black neighborhood in Greenwood called "Little Africa"

22.  35:30  In 1921 Tulsan Dick Rowland was accused of touching a white girl

23.  37:00 A large white mob destroyed 36 square blocks of Greenwood and over 300 blacks were killed

24.  40:00 Marcus Garvey becomes the leader of the
             "Negro World Newspaper"

25. 42:38 Garvey was later imprisoned for fraud and later
                deported to Jamaica

26.  44:00 Blacks experienced twice the unemployment of
                 whites during the Great Depression.

27. 45:30  In "Jim Crow" separate but equal doctrine the
             difference between black schools and white schools was great

28. 47:20  In 1954 Brown v. Board of Education supreme
              court case was heard and overturned Plessey v. Ferguson.

29.  48:35  Victor Hugo Green created the "Green Book" which was a
              listing of safe places blacks could go as they traveled the USA

30.  50:40 The overground railroad was another name for the Great
             Migration of blacks from the south to safer cities to the north

31.  51:40  Blacks used the Bible to help encourage them on their travels