#1   America Before the Modern Age

                                    a quote by Alexis de Tocqueville

   "Just then (at the time in history) North America was discovered, as if it had been kept in reserve by the Deity and had just risen from beneath the waters of the Deluge."

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Dawn of the Modern Age

Four periods of World History:

Ancient Age Creation to 500 

Middle Ages 500 to 1500 

Modern Age 1500 to 2000 

Post-Modern Age 2000 to present

The Providence of God

1.  Leif Ericson, a Viking adventurer landed
     in North America around A.D. 1000
2.  God, in His wisdom allowed America
      to remain unknown until 1500s

3.  Why?  So Protestant Christians could lay an
      important religious foundation for America.

        The First Americans

   1.  Over 6000 years ago, after the great flood, the Tower of Babel was built.

   Tower of Babel- "scattering upon the face of the earth" Gen 11:4

   Native Americans had no knowledge of the wheel or writing.
Native Americans before Columbus
Great Migration-

Native Americans probably crossed a land bridge @ the Bering Strait to get to America? (Bering Strait theory)
Watch 10,000 bc Mammoth Hunt 6 min video.  

  Native American:  Daily Life depended upon where they lived.
 1.  Tepees-animal skins      
2. Wigwams out of timber

3. adobe-dried clay homes like the Pueblo People
                         Watch Pueblo People 3 min video

4.  Grew corn (maize),
    beans, squash


5.  Indians depended upon the buffalo for meat, clothing, shelter, tools

Notice in the picture the hunters are not using horses

Look below.  Which hunting method would be easier?

      6.  Worshipped gods they could not explain. Medicine men danced to their gods. 

      7.  Tribal wars were common.

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