#35   American Culture

Last Update: November 9, 2018

OK PASS Objectives

 The Abolition Movement

1.  People who wanted to abolish slavery

    2.  William Lloyd Garrison  published an abolitionist newspaper called The Liberator

Content Standard 1: The student will analyze causes, key events, and effects of the Civil War/Reconstruction era.

3. Identify political leaders of the war Frederick Douglass, and William Lloyd Garrison.


3.  Frederick Douglass  published The North Star

Other well known abolitionists: Henry David Thoreau, Harriet Beecher Stowe

Content Standard 1: The student will analyze causes, key events, and effects of the Civil War/Reconstruction era.

3. Identify political leaders of the war Frederick Douglass, and William Lloyd Garrison.

Nat Turner

    1831  black preacher Nat Turner stirred up a slave rebellion in Virginia.
  About 60 white people, mostly women and children were murdered. People blamed Garrison and his abolitionist propaganda for the bloodshed
Watch Nat Turner trailer 2 min video


Best known leader of the Underground Railroad was Harriet Tubman

Over 100,000 possibly made it to freedom,  many did not.
Watch video on Underground Railroad 15 min


Education in the 1800's   

        1.  Responsibility of the family

        2.  One-room school houses, all ages mixed

        3.  By mid 1800's U.S. had become the most   literate nation in the world.

Noah Webster   Blue-Backed Speller
       "taught millions to read, but not one to sin"

McGuffey's Readers  moral theme


 Elementary Schools

Horace Mann : introduced the idea of "free" schools public schools  elementary grades  1-8

High Schools

      First public high school was founded in 1821.

Reform Movements of the19th Century 

Temperance movement: 

outlawing the use of liquor

Women had the most to gain.

  This would be a prominent issue throughout the 19th and 20th centuries

Watch I Am the Revelation Women and Reform 3 min video

2. Evaluate the impact of industrialization on American society


. B. Describe the effects of the "muckrakers" (e.g., Carey Nation, Susan B. Anthony 1, Elizabeth Cady Stanton 1 , Alice Paul, Ida Tarbell, Upton Sinclair, and William Jennings Bryan 1 ) and reform movements (e.g., Women's Suffrage 1, Temperance

Christian Compassion movement

more humane treatment of their  fellow man / got their start in the religious movements (Second Great Awakening) of the day.

1.  Dorothea Dix 
              insane asylums


2.  Phoebe Palmer  founded first settlement houses called Five Points Mission homes for the poor to receive training, food
3.  YMCA  Young Men's Christian Association  founded to evangelize and assist young men . Founded by:



Sir George Williams


Suffrage movement:  giving women the right to vote

1848 Seneca Falls Convention
(birth of women's rights movement)

1. women wanted the right to vote and

2. the right to keep property and wages.

Watch Aren't I a Woman Perfecting America 8 min video

1.  Elizabeth Cady Stanton

        2.  Lucretia Mott  organized first women's rights movement.

        3.  Susan B. Anthony  women suffrage


1800's Arts and Science  

    1.  America's formal break with Europe

    2.  American emphasis on individual dignity

    3.  Growth of industrial cities.

Watch 10 min video on Engines:

    After the Second Great Awakening a
                   reverence for God permeated society.

    James Fenimore Cooper  - first truly American author

  Washington Irving          has park in Bixby named after him

    William Cullen Bryant    Thanatopsis

    Edgar Allan Poe               Scary short stories

    Nathaniel Hawthorne    Scarlet Letter

    Herman Melville            Moby Dick

    Henry David Thoreau    Walden

    George Bancroft            History of the US

    Francis Parkman            California and Oregon Trail

    Gilbert Stuart tour`                            famous portrait painter

   Charles Willson Peale  tour    famous still life painter

   Edward Hicks  tour            famous peaceable kingdom painter

   Samuel F. B. Morse       also a landscape painter


What did we learn today?

What was the abolition movement?

Name some reform movements of the 19th Century ?




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