America the Story of Us Civil War video
Watch up to 42 min

1.  1:00   What type of bullet was new to the Civil War mini ball

2.  4:00   The new civil war rifles had grooves that spun the bullet
             toward the target

3. 6:00    But the army still face one another openly using ancient
                           European war tactics

4.  8:00   By the time of the north's final victory over 600, 000 were dead.

5.  9:00  America's postal service carried letters back to the
                  soldier's homes.

6.  10:00  The Civil War was really a war of attrition...with the
                      winner called the "last man standing"

7.  11:00  What was the crop that made the south dependent?  cotton

8.  12:00  Robert E. Lee was the leader of the Confederate Army.

9.  13:00   the South only had to hold it's own territory they knew
                             the "lay of the land"

10.  14:00  Railroads helped the north bring
                                  troops and supplies to the front.

11.  15:00 Lincoln had the RRs put under the direct government
                                                                          control of the Union

12.  17:00  The south lacked the logistics to win a decisive battle.

13.  18:00  A new integrated economy becomes the hallmark
                of the industrial age.

14.  19:00 The telegraph is like twitter today with instant messages.

15.  20:00 Telegraph lines and messages were sent
                                directly into the war department.

16.  21:00  Pres Lincoln would spend the night at the telegraph
                     office obsessing about the results of battles.

17.  22:00 Sometimes Lincoln would give direct orders
                                      to his generals by telegraph.

18.  24:00  But the south refused to give in because they
                        believed in their cause "right to own slaves"

19.  26:50  Clara Barton was one of the nurses in the civil war
                        and founder of the American Red Cross  

20.  28:00  Nurses offering food, clothing, clean bandages,
                  a drug called bromine
, and the inventer of first aid.

21.  29:00 Portable cameras brought the battle to those
                                     who couldn't be there.

22. 31:50  Civil War brought a fundemental shift in caring for
                 the dead using embalming and formaldehyde services.

23.  33:00 Mid civil war Lincoln offers the south an end to
                   the war if the south would free their slaves.... they refused.

24.  34:30 The Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves Jan 1st 1863

25. 35:40  Now the civil war gives freed blacks dignity

26.  36:50  Lincoln was at his best with the Gettsburg Address.

27.  37:00 But in 1864 the war remains deadlocked Lincoln
                                        needs "total war"

28.  38:00 The man that led the total war "scorched earth"
                                 approach was General Sherman.

29.  40:00  General Sherman's total war was the "marched to the sea"
                            from Atlanta to Savanah.

30.  42:00 The south was no match against the
                                          north's industrial war machine.