Assassinated Presidents               21 min video

1.  1:00   George Washington knew he had to be out in the public if
                           he was to be an effective president.

2.  3:00   April 14 1865 Lincoln's body guard left his post
                               and John Wilkes Booth killed Lincoln

3.  4:16  Booth's reward for his capture was $100,000 and

4.  4:50  12 days later Booth was killed along with his
                                4 fellow co-conspirators

5.  5:00 James Garfield was shot and Alexander G. Bell
                   used an electrical device (first metal detector)
                                                   to try to find the bullet.

6.  6:00  Charles Guiteau was refused a diplomatic post and
                                                    shot President Garfield

7.  8:05  President William McKinley gave a speach and
              reached the "Temple of Music" for a meet and greet.

8.  8:40 Leon Czolgosz  hid a gun under his bandaged hand

9. 9:00  Pres McKinley lingered for a few days and died at 58 yrs old.

10.  10:00 Pres McKinley was laid to rest at
                                   West Lawn Cemetary in Canton, Ohio

11.  11:14  Leon was strapped into the electric chair and died

12.  12:30  President Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Texas

13.  13:30  The Texas school book depository was where the
                                                         shots came from

14.  14:03  Suspect Lee Harvey Oswald was hiding in a movie theater

15.  14:55  A man came out of the crowd and shot Oswald

16.  14:59  Jack Ruby shot Oswald in the basement of the jail

17.  15:30  Kennedy took office in 1961 and he was the youngest president

18. 16:00 Kennedy made enemies  southern right wing extremists,
                  the FBI had more than 400 threats to his life.

19.  17:00 Oswald had a Russian wife and shot Kennedy
                         from his work place

20.  18:40  Why was Kennedy assassinated?  we will never know

21.  19:00 Other assassination attempts:  Pres Ford  2 attempts

                  Pres Reagan 1 attempt by John Hinkley Jr. 

22.  20:00 Name the four presidents assassinated in order:

                           Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy