Brown v. Board of Education video questions:                       Name: __________________________
Teacher: Mr. Cap

1.   What supreme court case "blessed" the separate but equal doctrine? ____________________

2.   In the early 1950s how many African Americans were register to vote in the south? ________

3.   What city and state was the court case of Brown v. Board of Ed? _______________________

4.  Chief Justice Earl Warren had to have unanimity.  What is unanimity? ___________________

5.   What did Warren tell Justice Reed?

6.   When  the Supreme Court struck down Plessey, the era of Jim __________  was over.

7.   Some have hailed the Plessey decison as the Magna Carta or Emancipation _______________











1.  Plessey v. Fergussen

2.  20 %

3.  Topeka Kansas

4.  of one mind, a unanimous vote

5.   You have to do what's best for the country.

6.  Crow

7.  Proclamation