#97       Bush Presidency 

Last Update: May 27, 2018

OK PASS Objectives

George Bush 

    Bush was successful in standing up to Communism and world oppression.

Watch President Bush 7 min video

Watch End of the Cold War, End of the Soviet Union 14min video :
Questions :  In the late 70s where did the cold war focus its attention?  Afghanistan Who did the US not want to be in power in Nicaragua? the leftist Sandinistas  Who did Reagan officials try to support in Nicaragua? Contras  What do many consider the deciding factor in the end of the cold war? military buildup under Reagan  Who came up with the Soviet Peristrokia and Glasnost initiatives? Mikhail Gorbachav  What was the most powerful symbol of Soviet oppression? Berlin Wall In what year did the Soviet Union fall? 1989


Content Standard 6:

E. Analyze the reasons for the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, and relate the end of the Cold War to new challenges to the United States’ leadership role in the world.

Americans with Disabilities Act

1990 - prohibited job discrimination based upon disabilities and required businesses to have special parking places and wheel chair ramps

I. Analyze how the principles and structures of the United States Constitution have changed through amendment and judicial interpretation

President Bush's image was damaged with breaking his word on raising taxes -
     "Read my lips, no new taxes."

Watch read my lips video

H. Evaluate the impact of political scandals on federal law, national policies, and political behavior.

Bush's Foreign Affairs:

Communist dominoes are falling: in a reversal of the domino theory it was the Communist states that fell like "dominoes"

C. Evaluate the causes and long term foreign and domestic consequences of United States’ military commitments in Southeast Asia, including the Vietnam War “Domino Theory;”

Tiananmen Square 

students in Communist China demonstrated for freedom.  Communists sent soldiers to crush the rebellion in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China.  

Watch Tiananmen Square "The Most" 4 min video



Manuel Noriega terrorized the people of Panama, Bush sent the troops

Watch Noreiga 8min video. More


South Africa's policy of racial segregation is shunned by the world


1989-1992 collapse of the Soviet Union - 

Iron Curtain is lifted

Power Vacuum ensued

E. Analyze the reasons for the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, and relate the end of the Cold War to new challenges to the United States’ leadership role in the world.

Operation Desert Storm AKA Persian Gulf War 1990

Saddam Hussein dictator of Iraq  -  invaded tiny oil rich country of Kuwait

General Norman Schwartzkopf  he led the U.S. troops 

100 hour war!!

Content Standard 6:

M. Compare and assess the causes, conduct, and consequences of the U.S.-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Aftermath of war:

1. Kuwait was liberated (oil secured)

2. Saddam Hussein still ruled Iraq (Bush's son takes care of that)

The "New
World Order"

Chief characteristics declared by President Bush  

1.  deep and abiding desire for peace,

2.  willingness to act with others to resist aggression

Watch A New World Order 10 min  video. Questions

What was Bush's reason for going into Kuwait?  Oil 

Why did Clinton order troops into Kosovo? to end the tyranny

How many Tutsi were murdered in Rwanda? 800,000

What did the end of the Cold War really mean?  no nuclear war

What was the new threat? terrorism


What does the 27th Amendment attempt to do? p 632Congress cannot increase their pay until after an election

Clarence Thomas  Bush's Supreme Court nominee


Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill 5min.mp4
Watch Rhenquist Court 12 min video


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