#100  "The Comeback Kid" Clinton Administration

Last Update: November 18, 2015

OK PASS Objectives

Bill Clinton's move to the middle

He presented him self as the "New Democrat" tough on crime, family values, and ready to reform welfare


Defense of Marriage Act

gave federal benefits to the marriage of a husband and wife

Welfare Reform Act of 1996: required recipients to go back to work within two years.

Election of 1996

Senator Bob Dole of Kansas runs against incumbent President Clinton


Clinton's Second Term

Economic prosperity, strong economy, low inflation and unemployment.


Foreign Affairs

Ethnic fighting in the Balkans

When Communism left the region in 1990 a power struggle ensued that led to civil war Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia all fought to be the dominant people.

Dayton Accords



The Information Revolution

Watch Micro Chip How It's Made 6 min video

    a.  invention of the microchip 
  b. History of the microchip

    With tiny microchips many computer electronics transformed homes.

    1. TV, Remote controls

    2.  personal computers, palm pilots, calculators, FAX machines, printers

    3.  Cell phones, microwaves, ovens, sewing machines, radios,

    4.  Automobiles, CD players,  VCRs, DVDs, 

    5.  Playstation, Nintendo, Sega, XBox, Wii games at home.

    Telecommunications satellites in space, along with the internet and personal computers ushered in the Information Age

Information Age  a superhighway of information at the average person's disposal for free.  

    Fiber optics,  and satellite dishes and cable to homes allowed the average citizen to jump on board the highway.

Noyce, who died June 3, 1990, was the co-inventor of the integrated circuit, the basic component that launched the computer revolution. His invention introduced the use of silicon, paving the way for personal computers and setting the standard for the Silicon Valley technological industry. Robert Noyce was neither a medical doctor nor a military general.

But the Burlington native can be credited with saving millions of lives each year and helping to bring about the fall of communism in the Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries.




K. Describe and evaluate the ongoing globalization of the United States’ and the world’s economic (e.g., creation of the European Union) and communication systems (e.g., the Internet and "instantaneous news").

Lewinsky Scandal

While digging into Whitewater, the independent counsel Kenneth Starr found evidence that President Clinton was having an adulterous affair with a young White House intern named Monica Lewinsky.
Watch Lewinsky Scandal documentary video

What did Clinton say when the story broke? p 651 "I did not have sexual relations with that woman... I never told anybody to lie"

Clinton Lies/Truth mp4

H. Evaluate the impact of political scandals

and the Clinton impeachment) on federal law, national policies, and political behavior.


Democrats and Republicans fought bitterly over the sexual improperity.  The House eventually impeached Clinton,


the Senate fell a few votes short of removal.

Clinton Impeachment 2min.mp4

H. Evaluate the impact of political scandals

and the Clinton impeachment) on federal law, national policies, and political behavior.


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