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What happened in John Brown's raid of Harper's Ferry, Virginia?

John Brown and 18 men captured a federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia in a mad scheme to arm the slaves, establish his own republic, and then invade the South eventually freeing all the slaves.  He and his men were eventually killed, or captured then hanged

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OK PASS Objectives



Who wins the Election of 1860?      Lincoln


Watch President Lincoln 7min video

 Events for President-elect Lincoln:

1.  South Carolina leaves the Union

2.  The Confederacy is organized

3.  Jefferson Davis becomes the President of the Confederacy.

4.  Senator John J. Crittenden of Kentucky proposed amendments that would have extended the Missouri Compromise line of 36  30' to western territories / failed.

How did his failure cost Crittenden dearly? one of his sons would become a general in the Union army, the other a general in the Confederate army.

Content Standard 1: The student will analyze causes, key events, and effects of the Civil War/Reconstruction era.

2. Trace the events leading to secession and war

John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry,

1860 presidential election,

secession of South Carolina,

and the attack on Fort Sumter).

Fort Sumter April 1861

3. Identify political and military leaders of the war (e.g.,

Abraham Lincoln,

Ulysses S. Grant,

Jefferson Davis,

Robert E. Lee, Frederick Douglass, and William Lloyd Garrison).

The first engagement of the Civil War took place at
Fort Sumter on April 12 and 13, 1861.
  After 34 hours of fighting, the Union
surrendered the fort to the Confederates. From 1863 to 1865, the Confederates at Fort Sumter withstood a 22 month siege by Union
forces. During this time, most of the fort was reduced to brick rubble. Fort Sumter became a national monument in 1948.


What did we learn today?

What were some of the first events of the Civil War ?

What was the first engagement of the Civil War?





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