#101           Election of 2000      ch 27

Last Update: March 24, 2014

OK PASS Objectives

Financial prosperity and sexual scandal took center stage in the late 1990s.

Al Gore - Clinton's Vice-President

George W. Bush - Republican ran on a theme of "compassionate conservatism"

Most bizzare election since Rutherford B. Hayes won in 1876.

Watch Election of 2000 Rhenquist Court Decides 9 min video

Watch Phone Call Parodies H.W. calls W. 2 min video



Content Standard 6:

I. Analyze how the principles and structures of the United States Constitution have changed through amendment



State of Florida (25 electoral votes) was too close to call. So after numerous re-counts

Finally on December 12, 5 weeks after the election, the Supreme Court ruled to stop the re-count and Bush became president.

and judicial interpretation (e.g., the 22nd and 25th Amendments,
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