#106 Election of 2016

OK PASS Objectives


Headlines 2015 - 2016

Content Standard 7:

Discuss the election of 2008 and President Barak Obama

Election of 2016


Republican : Donald Trump

Democrat: Hillary Clinton


Headlines are dominated by

Health Care

Republicans are staunchly opposed to the Affordable Care Act, the signature domestic policy achievement of President Obama’s administration. They want to get rid of it. Mrs. Clinton would keep most of the health care overhaul, while Bernie Sanders wants to move to a single-payer health care system.

Watch 2016 Election Morning After 17min video


Immigration has been a particularly contentious issue in the Republican primary, providing fodder for numerous attacks. Some of the candidates would pursue a path for undocumented immigrants to stay in the country legally, while others condemn granting what they consider amnesty.

"I'll build a wall and make Mexico pay for it"

 Most of the Republicans opposed admitting them, though two candidates expressed support for allowing Christian refugees.

Syrian Refugees

After the terrorist attacks in Paris in November, the presidential field split largely along party lines over whether to allow Syrian refugees into the United States.

1. Gun violence prevention "black lives matter"

Gun control

A string of high-profile mass shootings this fall reignited the nation’s long-running debate over gun violence. Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley have been vocal in pushing for new restrictions; Republicans have been more or less uniform in their opposition.

Random terrorism strikes around the world

Isis claims responsibility


Foreign Affairs


Isis rebels


Golden Age of Sports?

Kobe Bryant / Peyton Manning retires


Current Events


Maylasia Flight 116, and MH370

flights disappear 

2.  Women strive for equal pay

Climate Change

 While some Republican candidates acknowledge the existence of man-made climate change, they oppose regulations that they say would hurt the economy. Some other Republicans have expressed doubts about man’s role or even deny that climate change exists.

Addressing climate change is a big priority for the Democratic candidates.


The two parties want to follow different paths on taxes.

Democrats want the wealthiest Americans to pay more. Republicans are focused on lowering taxes, though they disagree about whether to cut tax rates or more fundamentally overhaul how the country collects revenue.


2015 Nationwide

Racial Tension

Media Hype says that Blacks and whites are divided over

1. white cops shooting black youths


Whites think blacks are thugs

Blacks think whites are racists and bias

Asians think there is no racist problems


A new national conversation and education about racism.


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