# 30    "The Era of Good Feelings"

Election of  1816

James Monroe won an easy victory over Rufus King    
(part of the Virginia Dynasty)

    A spirit of unity prevailed through Monroe's second term  called "The Era of Good Feelings"  1814-1820

Jefferson's home "Monticello"



Andrew Jackson invades Florida

Watch Andrew Jackson Seminole Indians 3 min video
    Adams-Onis Treaty 1819
1.  Spain cedes Florida to U.S. for 5mil
2.  Also established the border between U.S. and Spanish territory in West

Monroe Doctrine   1823

        President James Monroe issued this  warning to European nations
        'U. S. will stay out of European affairs,
        Europe stay out of No. &So. America's affairs

        Significance of Monroe Doctrine In the future, presidents repeated the language of the doctrine to keep Europe
        out of the Americas

Watch Presidency of James Monroe video:

Rush - Bagot Treaty Between Britain and U.S. called for disarmament in the Great Lakes region and set the 49th parallel as the U.S. Canadian border:  This is one of the few treaties that actually worked

Watch A White Man's Democracy intro 2 min video

Jeffersonian Legacy

    1.  Jefferson and Madison contributed
        greatly to the success of the new nation.

      2.  American citizens grew confident in
        their new government.

      3.  Doubled the size of the U.S. (Louisiana)

      4.  Won a war against a major world power.
                        (War of 1812)

      5.  Created a new spirit of nationalism

What did we learn from today's lesson?

What was the Era of Good Feelings?

What was the significance of the Monroe Doctrine?

What did Jefferson leave us?

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Students will be able to define the era of good feelings