US History Every Day's a Grade

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In US History every day a daily grade will be taken.

Typical US History week:

Mondays Lesson

Tuesdays Weekly quiz

Wednesdays Lesson

Thursdays Pop quiz

Friday Lesson


Top 10 reasons to get points taken off of a daily grade.

1. No supplies, has to borrow pen or paper.
2. Doesn't take notes, or messy, inconsistent notes..
3. Head down, lackadaisical attitude, sleeping during a lecture.
4. Distracting neighbor, leaving your seat during a lecture.
5. Asking an off color, off the topic question during the lecture.
6. Not carrying your spiral from previous class to history class.
7. Cell phone in hand or out on the desk.
8. Not doing what the teacher asks.
9. Cheating
10. Disrespect

Each day is a daily grade. Usually, at the teacher's discretion, 10 to 50 points are taken off for each of the above violations. Multiple offenders will see more points taken off.

So a student would see in powerschool :
90.1 % would be no supplies,
90. 6 % would be no spiral from previous class,
80. 37 % would be sleeping and inconsistent notes,
70.1410 would be no supplies, and distracting neighbor, disrespect.