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Teacher : Mr. Cap   6 Wk Exam  Home Fronts ?s

1.   During the Civil war how were runaway slaves used? ___________________________________

2.   What did the Emancipation Proclamation proclaim? ____________________________________

3.   Why did white officers refuse to fight with black soldiers?  ______________________________

4.   Which black unit did well under fire near Charleston South Carolina? _____________________

5.  What did the black soldiers fight the north about? ______________________________

6.  What role did women play when men went off to fight the war? __________________________

7.  What new way did the federal government raise money during the Civil War? _______________

8.  Where was Franklin County? _________________________________

9.  Which valley did General Lee go through when he invaded the north? _____________________

10.  How did the north's naval blockade of the south affect the south's economy? ______________

11.  What is a bread riot? ___________________________________________________________

12.  What did the girl in the field cry? _________________________________________________

13.  In the south what was happening to slavery during the war? ____________________________

`4.  Proportionally, where was the loss of life much greater? _______________________________

15.  Besides the loss of life, what else did the south have to mourn? _________________________

16.  Some would say today that the Civil War was not about slavery but rather?  ______________

17.   But in the Shenandoah Valley it was clear the main issue of the Civil War was about ________

18.  What did Abraham Lincoln say about African American troops? _________________________

19.  Now use your textbook and write down the 11 slave states, and 4 border states: