How to Study for a 3, 6, or 9 week exam.

Usually there will be multiple choice type questions and one essay on the exam. See example below.

   1.  Use weekly quizzes.

   2.  Use web notes.

   3.  Use your textbook.

In preparing for major exams make sure your answers in your weekly quizzes are correct. 

Next, get on line and make sure that you have all the notes.  It's impossible to make up a quiz using all the information discussed in class, so there will be questions from the notes that might not be on a quiz.
Next, you also want to use your textbook to gain understanding.  Make sure you have read the chapter.   Find the material that you see from the web notes and quizzes and make sure you understand the material.  Reading takes your thought process to another level.


Typical multiple choice question.

5.  What is Nantucket sleigh ride?  a. a steep fall down the Kaskaskia Mts., b. whaling adventure, c.  tobogganing after a blizzard in Maine, d. fishing for Alaskan cod, e. none of these, f. c & d.

Typical essay question.  Minimum three paragraphs

1.  Spiritual revival like the Second Great Awakening is always met with powerful opposition.  
    Describe several of the false philosophies and religions that arose in the 1800s to challenge Biblical Christianity.

Just look at these good history students studying, reading, and preparing for their exams.