#93   The Ineffectual Presidency ch 25 

Last Update: November 16, 2015

OK PASS Objectives

By the election of 1976 why were Americans suspicious of almost all Washington politicians? 

Because of the shadow of Watergate, and Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon still lingered over the Republican party.

F. Identify the contributions of political leaders, political activists, major issues, and scandals, including the Watergate Scandal, and major trends in national elections

Rise of Jimmy Carter

Peanut farmer and former governor of Georgia, Jimmy Carter wins the election.  ( first candidate to declare that he was  "born again") and a Washington "outsider" and people liked that.

Jimmy Carter  Wins the election of 1976 map

Watch President Carter 12min video

Carter's foreign policy tried to protect human rights for people in foreign countries.

OK PASS Objectives

F. Identify the contributions of political leaders, political activists, civil rights leaders and major trends in national elections


Ayatollah Khomeini  a Muslim religious leader, captured the American embassy in Tehran, the Iranian capital and took 63 American hostages and held them for the next 14 months.

D. Examine the strategic and economic factors in the development of Middle East policy

G. Examine the postwar rise in the standard of living, the OPEC Oil Embargo, the inflation of the 1970s, and the federal budget deficit problems of the 1980s and early 1990s.

What happened when Carter tried to rescue the hostages?

    Several of the helicopters carrying commando troopers were forced down because of a fierce sandstorm and collided with a cargo plane killing 8 soldiers.  Not good.

Watch Iran Hostages 6min video :


Franchises and chain stores  Kmart, Wal Mart, Mc Donalds 

        Sunbelt states:  Florida, Texas, Arizona, or California people moved from the cold northern states to the sunbelt states.

A. Analyze immigration, including the reasons for immigration, employment, settlement patterns,

1976  U.S. celebrated its bicentennial  (200 years)

  President Carter gives away the Panama Canal Zone back to the Panamanians.Watch Panama Canal at night 3min mp4

C. Examine the technology revolution and its impact on communication, transportation, and industry.

Jesus Movement

1.  The Jesus movement was a movement in Christianity beginning on the West Coast of the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

2.  It was the major Christian element within the hippie counterculture, or, conversely, the major hippie element within some strands of Protestantism.

3.  Members of the movement were called Jesus people, or Jesus freakssong

Sandinistas   a group of Communist guerrilla  soldiers who overthrew the government in Nicaragua.


Camp David Peace Accords  Jews and Arabs signed a peace treaty for the first time in history.  Did peace last? Why? 

No, because the Palestinians were moved from their homes to make room for the Jews who were moved in and set up their own nation of Israel.  Now the Palestinians want their own nation and are fighting Israel for it.

D. Examine the strategic and economic factors in the development of Middle East policy

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