#32        The Jackson Years 1828-1841

    Election of 1828
     1.  Tariff of Abominations
     2.  Sectionalism
     3.  Slavery

Watch Andrew Jackson Up to His Presidency 6 min video


Watch Election of 1828 5 min video:

 President Jackson's Inauguration What happened?

Watch Andrew Jackson Innauguration 1min video   pic

Crowds of common folk stormed the White House to be with Jackson causing damage.  Lured outside with tubs of punch.

Jackson's Presidency
        1. (loved or hated)
        2.  Dynamic leadership
        3.  kitchen cabinet (cabinet that met in the kitchen of the White House)

Watch Jackson and Marshall 5 min video:

                                          Jackson's Highlights


1.  Jackson supports Nationalism
2.  Jackson supports the Union
(as worth preserving)

3.  Jackson supports Indian Removal

Watch Trail of Tears (Last 2 min end of Jackson's Democracy) 10 min video

Indian removal

      As unsettled lands west of the Appalachians became scarce, pioneers began to desire the lands of the Native American tribes east of the Mississippi River

     Where could the federal government move the Indians that white settlers would not later desire those lands?

Oklahoma in the 1830's was known as the"Great American Desert"

The Removal order was signed by President Jackson, causing great hardship among the 5 civilized tribes.

Watch Andrew Jackson President 31 min video and fast forward to 16 min for Indian Removal


The Cherokee called their trek the

Trail of Tears

Watch Cherokee and
Marshall  6 min video:

 Second Bank of the U.S.  (Money link)

        1.  Charter of first national bank ran out
        2.  Pres Jackson lets the Bank die!!

Watch Second Bank of US 6 min video


       South Carolina did not like the Tariffs of Abominations and voted to nullify the law. 
     Tariff  a tax on imported goods
    South Carolina grew cotton and exported to Europe


       Caricature of a Banker.  
    an exaggeration by means of distortion of body parts to represent characteristics




What did we learn today?

What were the issues in the election of 1828?

How did Native Americans get to Oklahoma?

What is Nullification?


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OK PASS Objectives

Content Standard 1: The student will analyze causes, key events, and effects of the Civil War  / Reconstruction era.


1. Examine the economic and philosophical differences (e.g.,


popular sovereignty,

states’ rights debate,



and tariffs)

between the North and South,