#28     Jefferson Triumphs Abroad

Barbary Pirates / Stephen Decatur  Marine corps hymn

Pirates of the Barbary coast demanded and received tribute from the United States

Jefferson sends Stephen Decatur to fight the pirates

Restoring American captives and the rights of American merchants to trade in safety.

Watch President Thomas Jefferson 8 min video

Watch Barbary Pirates video:
Fast forward 2min

Pirates today watch Captain Phillips 2 min video

Louisiana Purchase: 1802

    1.  Doubles the size of U. S.
    2.  Greatest real estate deal in American history.

  1. French emperor closed the port of New Orleans
    2.  This stopped the flow of U.S. trade by 40%
    3.  Jefferson sent Robert Livingston, James Monroe
  to buy
New Orleans for $7.5million.

    4.  Napoleon needed money more than land and 
offered all of the Louisiana for 15 million.

Napoleon Bonaparte
Thomas Jefferson
1.  Wanted to reduce the national debt.
2.  Strict constructionist of the constitution.
3.  Used his treaty making power to purchase Louisiana.

4.  Defended the purchase by acting in the best interest of the American people.

Watch Louisiana Purchase 8 min video:
Exploration of the Louisiana Territory
1.  Led by Merriwether Lewis and William Clark
2.  Launched from St. Louis Missouri in 1804
3.  Spent the winter with the Mandan Indians in ND.

4.  Received help from Sacagawea

5.  Returned in 1806 bringing back a wealth of info.

 Other Jefferson Events

1.  Sends Zebulon Pike to explore southern Louisiana. p178
2.  Burr Conspiracy p 178-179
3. "Mad Anthony" Wayne crushes Ohio Indians in the Battle of Fallen Timbers Treaty of Ft. Greenville Indians surrender the rights to southern Ohio region

Watch 23 min video on the Battle of Fallen Timbers:

4.  William Henry Harrison a young army officer and Indian scout Tecumseh
Watch Tecumseh 2 min video   Watch Mountain Man video 23 min:  


What did we learn today?

What were Jefferson's foreign policy triumphs ?

How did the Louisiana Purchase change the course of North America forever?

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Napoleon: http://images.encarta.msn.com/.jpg

Jefferson: http://harryallen.info/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/thomas-jefferson-big.jpg

Battle: http://deanmosher.com/uploaded_files/battle_of_fallen_timbers.jpg

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