Movie Viewing Sheet                  Black History Month                                Name : ___________________________________________________
Teacher: Mr. Cap                   Jesse Owens American Experience Video

1.  Jesse was the youngest of __________ children.

2.  Which Junior High teacher saw the talents of young Jesse? _____________________________

3.  Where did Jesse go to college? _____________________________

4.  Jesse was elected ___________________ of the track team the first black in school sports history.

5.  Who was the leader in Germany for the 1936 Berlin games?___________________

6.  About a year before the 1936 Olympic games Jesse goes to ____________________

7.   Who was Jesse's main rival on the track?______________________________

8.  Besides blacks what was the other minority group that was discriminated against in Germany? ____________

9.   In the early 1830s Jesse's ancestors traveled to America on a boat from __________________.

10.  Which laws did the Nazis pass in 1935 which denied Jews basic civil rights?  _______________________

11.  Which opening ceremony celebration did the Germans invent?_______________________

12.  What wouldn't Hitler do after Jesse wins the 100 yd race?________________________

13.  Who did Jesse replace in the 4 X 100 yd race?________________________________

14.  After the Olympics Jesse's amateure status was suspended when he returned to __________________

15.  Owens hoped that _________________________ would change the racism in America.

16.  To earn money Jesse went to Florida to race a ______________________

17.  In 1955 who did President Eisenhower appoint as good will ambassador? ____________________

18.  Some say that Jesse died early from a broken ______________________



Charles Riley

Ohio State








lighting the Olympic flame

shake hands

Marty and Sam

United States