Korean War video questions:                       Name: __________________________
Teacher: Mr. Cap

1.  What parallel did Korea split? ______________________

2.   What was North Korea's chief source of aid? ___________________________

3.  Which American President pledged US aid to South Korea? _____________________

4.  Besides the US, how many other countries sent troops to Korea? _____________

5.  Who was the head of all troops? ____________________________________

6.  Why did Mao order the Chinese to attack? ____________________________________

7.  What types of bombs did Mac Arthur want to use? ___________

8.  Why was Mac Arthur removed from command? __________________________________________

9.  After Stalin died what did Soviet leaders begin to push for? ______________________





















1.  38th

2.  Soviet Union

3.  President Truman

4.  20

5.   General Douglas Mac Arthur

6.  he was concerned about Chinese safety

7.  atomic bombs

8. because of a critical letter about Truman's military policy

9.  they wanted North Korea to sign a cease fire / peace treaty